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The following year, two thirds of the Roamer production was in trucks including a Model B 6 cylinder with 4000 pound capacity, a one ton, two ton, and four ton six cylinder, all with an armored front, cast iron radiator, and distinctive Roamer grill. Even as the company turned out its 8s, though, and tried to market its new truck, it was selling off its older models, engines, parts and equipment. Despite all financial evidence to the contrary, investors continued to believe in Roamer's value. The April 27, 1928 edition of The News Palladium Benton Harbor, Michigan reported that the Roamer Consolidated Corp. of Kalamazoo had been organized as a Delaware corporation and had been formed to take over the business of the Roamer motor car and several allied concerns. Sales for the Roamers never recovered after 1924, and from 1927 onward only a handful of cars and trucks were produced each year.

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