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These students reported a range of consequences:Food insecurity is a problem even for students who are employed, participate in a campus meal plan, or seek other financial or material help. These findings reinforce the growing understanding that food insecurity presents a serious challenge for todays college students, and highlight the need for additional research to better understand this problem and explore effective solutions. School leaders and policymakers can take a number of steps to help lessen student food insecurity and reduce its threat to educational quality and student success. We are committed to ending hunger and homelessness by educating, engaging, and training college students to directly meet individuals immediate needs while advocating for long term systemic solutions. Welcome. Please use the resources on this page to familiarize yourself with some of the technology available at Cornell College. The beginning of a new academic year is a thrilling time for college athletes on campuses across the country. Thousands of young men and women will compete in fall sports, from football and field hockey to cross country, soccer and volleyball. They are diverse and they come from all over the world, but they have one thing in common. They are college students chasing their dreams and working hard to earn degrees. While this is the reality, our critics often dont see it that way and they have sued in court, claiming college athletes are exploited.

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