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If you cannot pay in full, then at least pay a bit above the minimum payment. If you are really stuck then contact the lender. Explain the situation honestly. Make a commitment and follow through. Remember the whole point of the exercise was your self improvement an investment in yourself. To not take the exercise seriously is to shortchange yourself and your future opportunities as well as income stream in the future. To borrow for yourself and personal gain make prudent sense. In any business endeavor, a win win outcome is always the most satisfying and productive. It certainly beats the alternatives win lose, lose win, or heaven forbid!lose lose in which one or both parties walks away feeling an assortment of negative emotions, possibly including disappointment, anger, resentment, and a desire to throw crockery against the wall. What do we mean by win win when it comes to finding new partners for our network marketing business?For the prospector you, a win probably means acquiring a new business partner with the following attributes: easy to work with, motivated, determined to succeed, reliable and accountable, upbeat, honest, hardworking, and so on. Of course, you would probably also want your recruit to have some free time and enough money to get started. For the prospect. well, we really don't know what a win would be for her, do we?We could make an assumption and guess. We could assume that she just wants to make a lot of money. But what if we guess wrong?What if her heart's desire is to help people and make a difference in the world. The only way we can know for sure what's going through our prospect's head is to talk with her ask questions, listen closely to the answers, ask more questions, and do a lot more listening. One word of caution, though: When interviewing a prospect, it's very tempting to listen just until she mentions some problem your product or opportunity might help solve. And then. sound of bugles YOU'RE OFF AND RUNNING!Bending her ear about how wonderful your company is and how much she's going to LOVE what the products will do for her. But telling why YOU think your opportunity is the greatest thing since sliced bread is not the goal. The goal is to reach a win win outcome, and there's more to it than just presenting your favorite features and benefits and assuming that's what your prospect wants, too. If you're truly dedicated to win win, your goal is to reach a deep understanding of what a win would be for her and then honestly assessing whether or not your opportunity would create that. If it's not a good fit, let it go. Thank her for her time and move on. On the other hand, if you believe your opportunity is a match for her, go ahead and explain to her why you think so. Be sure to connect the dots between her specific problems and how your opportunity can address them.

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