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We feed no supplements or grain, we do not medicate or implant our sheep. We do not use herbicides or pesticides. We use some conventional phosphorous fertilizer each year and are not organic. Whole lamb or mutton are available for custom slaughter. The rest of the crop is processed and available in retail cuts at local farmers markets or at the kitchen door. Call us. Goodgrass Lamb, John and Camille Bock, between Willis and New Waverly in Montgomery County, TX. 936 344 6450. E mail: . Grassfed Prime Beef by Ross Land and Cattle. Family Run Farm Since 1860. Texas Gourmet, Grassfed, All Natural, Free Range Artisan Prime Beef. I think that says it all. At the RLC Ross Land and Cattle we raise our Artisan Prime Beef so we can have healthier, better tasting steaks on our table and enjoy a safer and healthier way to preserve and protect our kids and our land. And now you can enjoy our familys years of experience and expertise in raising grassfed, all natural, free range Artisan Prime Beef. Our definition of an Artisan is one who creates a masterpiece through passion while remaining in harmony and balance with Mother Nature. Our beef is custom bred to consistently bring out incredible flavor in every tender bite, starting with our Stillman Prime Tenderloin the best of the best, to our PapPaws Big Porter House, The 1860 Bone in Ribeye, our very own Texas T Bone, Grannys All Natural Strip Steak, and the famous RLC Ground Steak and Ground Chuck Hamburger, which make any cookout special. Granny Ross has been concerned these days that there are too many chemicals, steroids, irradiation and chemical baths used in processing beef and other foods. She says It Just Aint Right, and I dont blame her. So at the RLC we have set out to keep it natural, just like we've been doing since 1860. Our RLC "Artisan Prime Beef" has. We offer one of the most unique ways to buy beef and save money, join our Cattle Baron Club and invest in your own Steak Futures. We also offer quarter, half and whole beef online or at the ranch. Grassfed Prime Beef by Ross Land and Cattle, Britt Ross, Corporate office: 2830 Marcie Lane, Rockwall TX 75032. Ranch: 1944 N Hillcrest Drive, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482. 214 478 6446. E mail: . Website: rassfield Farm is owned and operated by the Bendele Family in Hondo, Texas. Fohn and Jana Bendele raise livestock the old fashioned way. Our beef cattle graze on a variety of grasses from start to finish and we never use antibiotics, or grain. Our ranch is certified and audited annually by the American Grassfed Association and we are Animal Welfare Approved. The Bendele's are fifth generation farmers and their family has been farming in Medina County since the 1800s. They are both passionate about treating the land and their animals with care and respect. Managing the grasses growing in the fields where the cattle, pigs and hens forage results in sustainable nutrition year around. Grassfield Farm, Fohn and Jana Bendele, 1208 17th Street, Hondo TX 78861. 530 426 1249.

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