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And I will tell you something I learned this week. Because of the 30 hour rule in the Senate that they debate every district trial judge at the federal level for 30 hours they're actually more vacancies now than they were a year ago. And friend of mine told me we'll never catch up at this rate. So one thing about these things we're talking about is that Congress is in a stalemate, and I would to see them do something about the filibuster because the way we do the filibuster today, it's worth making the distinction. The filibuster is an old thing. It comes from Britain, so before America.

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Unfortunately, few teachers ever learn about writing's "incredible" power to "enable thought to operate much more deeply" on everything we read and learn Walshe, 1987. Although teachers realize writing's general importance, most aren't adequately aware of the fact that higher order, analytic thought likely isn't possible without engaging in some form of writing, or that we can literally "write our way" into a deeper understanding of complex texts or concepts that previously mystified us Zinsser, 1988. Decades of research attest to writing's unrivaled ability to facilitate understanding and help people evaluate, reconstitute, and synthesize knowledge. Writing enables students to generate their best thinking in its most effective form National Commission on Writing, 2003; Sundeen, 2015. That's why writing and speaking constitute the most sought after skill set in business and industry and why many corporate recruiters rank these abilities twice as high as managerial skills Hurley, 2015. Writing plays a more significant role in the school systems in countries that score high on PISA than it does in the schools in the United States Darling Hammond, 2010; Ripley, 2013.

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The rumbleseat sport roadster was a mid year addition to the line. Which makes Gaels roadster, with a huge trunk, an early 1929 model. 27,988 2 passenger roadsters were built that year. The engine is an overhead cam inline six with a cast iron block. Brake HP is 46 @2600RPM. There are three main bearings, solid valve lifters and a Carter one barrel carburetor. The Chassis WB is 107 inches. There is a manual transmission, straight cut gear with 3F/1R. A single plate dry disc clutch, with 4 wheel mechanical brakes. All 29s had disc wheels. Optionsfront bumper, rear bumper, Single or dual sidemounts, sidemount covers or a rear mount cover. A trunk rack, a steamer type trunk, a heater and an outside rear view mirror. Also available options, a cigar lighter, runningboard step plates, wire spoke wheels, wind wings and a hood mascot. Not a lot was written about 1957 other than a race up the Mt. Mansfield Toll Road by a Stanley Steamer and a Model T. In the 1958 VAE Show, there were eleven cars registered. This year, we expect over 600 registrations in 34 classes. We have grown up!The Stanley Steamer won the race in 1957. It turns out, steam does not care about elevation changesbutModel Ts do care. Our 50th Anniversary book reported that the T did make it to the top of Mt. Mansfields Toll Road but it had to do it backing up the entire 4 miles!Back then, the August show was called the Invitational Meet. Around 1969 the VAE August show changed names to Antique Car Rally. One of the first car show reports showed up in the winter Wheel Tracks where it was reported there were 225 cars. A comment was made how in only 12 years they went from having a parade with only two cars to the 1969 parade with 180 vehicles. The Friendliest Car category went to Paul Duttons Cadillac Calliope. In 1971, Clark Wright had recently finished as Wheel Tracks editor and Larry Johnson took over. There was an ad for a 1946 Hudson, asking $695. A nice complete car but there was a knock in the engine. The 14th VAE Stowe Rally had 300 cars that year with the Friendliest Car being a 1902 Orient motorcycle. There were 11 venders in the flea market. The 1979 show moved from Mt.

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