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Its time to go. We had up until this year some additional extracurricular and athletic programs, Palmer said. Were hoping as an independent district we can bring those back. Rachel Scott, who has lived in Gillette for 12 years, said that when she first moved to Gillette, she worried about the citys lack of diversity and the impact that may have on her kids. One of the things that has truly helped that is this college, she said. It offered a little bit more of that diversity in its population, in the cultural events that were offered, in its sporting events. It offered that well rounded community opportunity. State Sens. Michael Von Flatern and Jeff Wasserberger, incoming House Rep. Bill Fortner, former Gillette Municipal Court judge Doug Dumbrill, Gillette City Councilman Nathan McLeland and Campbell County Commissioner D. G.

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The startup provides a tiny Bluetooth module with its own custom firmware on top to improve security and eliminates the need to pair. It helps companies run the backend cloud services attached to the connected device. And then it provides development tools called the Afero Profile Editor, or APE for building the services on top of the internet connected device. The company announced on Wednesday it has raised a $20. 3 million Series A round to help it build a business around this platform. The round was led by Samsung specifically the Samsung Catalyst Fund, an enthusiastic cheerleader of the Internet of Things cloud services for IoT connectivity market. Other investors include Presidio Ventures, Sanshin Electronics Co. Ltd. , SoftBank, Fenox Venture Capital, Assembly Fund and Robert Dobkin. The company has an impressive cofounder: Joe Britt, a former high up Google GOOGL +1. 43% engineer on the Android team who also cofounded phone maker Danger with Andy Rubin, the creator of Android.

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One of the most extensive studies to determine the cause of rear end collisions was the Indiana Tri Level Study, which determined that direct driver errors were the definite or probable cause of crash causation in 93% of crashes Treat, Trumbas, McDonald, Shinar, Hume, Mayer,Stansifer and Catellan, 1979. A45. pdfNational Transportation Safety BoardWashington, D. C 20594Safety Recommendationhk December 13, 1995In Reply Refer To: H 95 452The April 1995 National Transportation Safety Board investigative conference Mobile Collision Warning Technology for Low Visibility bw Awareness Collisions observed that the tail lamp low luminance of 2 18 candela does not increase the visibility of a vehicle in typical daylight fog conditions. Flasher lamps have a luminance of 80 300 candela. Researchers indicated that in daylight when the nominal visibility range of a vehicle is 300 feet, the use of flasher lamps with a luminance of 80 candela can increase the visibility range to 450 feet. The Safety Board concluded that the use of four way hazard flashers can increase the visibility of stopped or slow moving vehicles in fog conditions. The increased visibility allowed driver 5 to see and avoid a collision with the rear of vehicle 4. The Safety Board also concluded that the use of emergency flashers by vehicles 1, 2, or 3 may have allowed the following drivers enough time to have avoided striking preceding vehicles. The measure of the tendency for an object to be easily seen is conspicuity. However, conspicuity does not refer simply to the physical state of an object or hazard but has another component. For the hazard to be perceived, it must be filtered through the senses and past experiences of the driver. A driver can begin the process that leads to addressing a hazard only when that individual attends to sensory input. The increased luminance of hazard flashers increases visibility about 50 percent over taillight use alone. The low beams of an oncoming vehicle can be seen at more than twice the distance of mere taillights. As the fog bank density increases, nominal visibility decreases and the visibility of various vehicle lights decreases proportionately.

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