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There shall be one 1 Berea College student representative on the Executive Council in a non voting capacity. This representative shall be the President of the Student Government Association or the designee of such president. Other student representatives may be invited at the discretion of the Executive Council. Absences from three 3 consecutive, regular Executive Council meetings shall terminate membership on the Executive Council upon ratification by majority vote of the Executive Council members present at a regularly scheduled meeting. Notification of termination shall be from the Executive Committee. The Executive Council shall have general charge of the affairs of the Association consistent these Articles of Organization and the governing documents of Berea College.

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Aspiring students dont need HSC scores to advance their education. BOSTES has also agreed to provide information to homeschooling applicants about the options that exist for financial assistance. This is not to say they will give homeschoolers money. This position is sad because homeschooling is a cheap option for the government compared to public school. Given that every public school student costs the government far more than homeschool students, funding is a valid request at present, the only financial help the committee has agreed to is a student card. Guy Tebbutt, the former president of Australias Home Education Association, put it this way in his submission to the committee: Based on these figures, home educated families are missing out on between $3,300 to $13,600 of funding per student. The government invests billions into schools, but $0 into home education, except for the costs of legislation and regulation. This represents a significant shortfall that home educators deal with on a 4 of 9 daily basis. The average home educating family must forego the income of one parent to enable that parent to stay home and school the children. Given that the government currently pays people to be unemployed, it seems logical and reasonable that it would be a better investment to support home educators that are actively raising and educating children to be quality members of our society. The committee also raised concern over unschooling families.

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