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Most players send in a link that shows balls being hit to him or her out of a basket. Although a coach can see the form of your strokes, there is so much that he cannot see. Your foot speed and reflexes are not being tested. You know the ball is coming to your forehand, so there are no anticipation skills exhibited. Finally, coaches do not know how deep your shots are landing, or what your shot selection would be against opponents. Solution: The best solution would be to put a video together starting with a close up of you, while you introduce yourself by name, classification, high school, and hometown.

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Last Thursday I was at the Wisdom, Moderation and Opportunity put on by an Atlas Network affiliate, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, with speeches with ties to other Network members. The Luncheon Keynote Speaker, Arthur Brooks, president of AEI, insisted that to be a Conservative required having the Heart of a Servant. A true, little c conservative, would probably know from history that telling people what must motivate them is authoritarian, not conservative. Those systems thinkers we met in the September 28 Menticide post pushing how to force Creative Altruism into future human personalities would have loved that speech. Call it Conservative and then describe a long pushed Progressive, Internationalist, or Communitarian Idea seems to have been a common theme among speakers. From citing constantly an obligation to meet peoples needs and aid their well being to the audience hissing when a questioner asked Nevada legislator Scott Hammond, about the actual student choice in his touted near universal Education Savings Account legislation, there was a decided emphasis on a vision of the future that fits perfectly with what Uncle Karl called the Human Development Society. Which is fascinating timing as Friday, the Great Transition Initiative has a tag as I have previously tied this to the OECD and what the PISA assessment is really driving released this jaw dropping paper. TI publications/Foster Marxism and Ecology. pdfIf I covered everything in that confession that tied to these various programs and education initiatives I have been describing, it would turn this post into a book. Instead, lets go to the section called The Great Convergence and remember the Re Imagining Education link from two posts ago from the Bipartisan Convergence Center. In the GTI link we are told:Development, particularly in the rich economies, must assume a new form: qualitative, collective, and culturalemphasizing sustainable human development in harmony with Marxs original view of socialism. As Lewis Mumford argued, a stationary state promoting ecological ends, requires for its fulfillment the egalitarian conditions of basic communism, with production determined according to need, not according to ability or productive contribution. . Such a shift away from capital accumulation and towards a system of meeting collective needs based on a principle of enough is obviously impossible under the regime of capital accumulation. What is required, then, is an ecological and social revolution that will facilitate a society of ecological sustainability and substantive equality. That agenda is the UNs Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals that our political leaders have already signed us up for. They are not citing Marx or basic communism, at least to us, but this is the grounding nevertheless. As Foster admits In this Great Transition, I believe socialists will play the leading role, even as the meaning of socialism evolves as we all are shoved, with deceitful definitions and government programs no one tells us about, for establishing more egalitarian conditions and processes for governing global society, including the requisite ecological, social, and economic planning. Existing inequalities and hype over Climate Change then are just excuses to plan and tell most of us what we can be and what we must do. When the Frameworks Institute last week put out a report Talking Human Services mm final 2015. pdf , they intended to reframe prevailing perceptions in ways that fit with this desired communistic Human Development Society. They simply left that part out of why something is desirable or not. The Notorious Che Guevara comes into this vision because of a 2008 speech John Bellamy Foster gave in Australia that was published as oster made it clear that the emphasis, per Che, would not be economic development but on the need to develop socialist humanity. Thats the part the UN leaves out when they tout Human Development as a goal. It means a revolutionizing practice that revolutionizes human beings themselves. When the Georgia DoED speaker stated that PBIS and Positive School Climate were not going away, he meant that the entire emphasis of school, starting in preschool, has changed. Social and emotional learning are not add ons. The mandated shift is this revolutionizing process that targets inner development, internalized images of how the world works, and appropriate future goals. The obnoxious audience response to a heartfelt attempt to bring pertinent facts to the sales pitch of School Choice was a reminder to me that the current head of the cited ESA designerthe Friedman Foundation, Robert Enlow, is just one of a myriad of figures who keep popping up with ties to Seattle Pacific University. Others were Richard J Spady and Richard Kirby. Civilization Building Leadership and the UNESCO tied ed vision Nurturing Civilization Builders That latter book cited a Tatyana Tsyrlina who is now Tsyrlina Spady and an adjunct at SPU.

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