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I said that I would be happy to. The first Saturday I remember as if it was yesterday a real baptism of fire ten periods with a 40 minute break for lunch. I crawled home knackered. But I'd never had a job that was so fulfilling. The following Monday I asked Berlitz if I could join them full time and they couldn't put the contract in front of me quickly enough. I was now going to be earning double what I was making at the gemstone company, I went to see Nalin, Nita and Asit in the afternoon and told them that I was moving on they knew nothing about the part time teaching They were sad to see me go but fully understood. I'm going to summarize the Berlitz experience in one paragraph. I stayed there for two years. In retrospect it was one year too long. I worked alongside some great people, none more so than David Siutyk, the A. D of the Sukhumwit branch, who has played such an important part in my TEFL career and who has become a lifelong friend. You'll be hearing his name pop up again for sure. I developed confidence teaching and standing up in front of small groups of students. And I consistently scored highly on student surveys and earned the right to call myself a competent teacher. I rose to the position of assistant academic director at the start of the second year. Everyone has to cut their teeth at some place Berlitz was as good a school as any to do your apprenticeship. However, the hours were long twelve hour days were not uncommon and the Berlitz method of teaching was mind numbingly dull. In addition Japanese housewives who made up a large percentage of the Sukhumwit clientele are simply too boring for words. I started to suffer from teacher burnout and became irritable and unpleasant to be around. Although I've never liked the ordeal of changing jobs, it seemed like the only way out of the blackness' I'd descended into. In the end the decision to leave was made for me. The old Berlitz manager, who had been so good to me for two years, was called back to Japan and a new guy took over the everyday running of the operation. His style of management was radically different to mine and Dave's and we both knew it was time to abandon ship. The next stop was ELS on Ramkhamhaeng Rd. It's probably unfair to label it as a stop' because I was there for five years five generally very happy years. My old buddy Dave became the Academic Director and I was given the position of senior teacher. ELS is an American franchise and specialized in preparing Thai students for study in America. I'll always be grateful to ELS because it was here that I truly developed as a teacher. Students would come for an intensive one month program 120 hours and we had nine levels of study. Some students went from level one to nine in nine months. This was very serious stuff.

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