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He lives in Washington, D. C. Companies that continue to take a tactical, short term approach to communicating with key constituencies will find it increasingly difficult to compete. Developing an integrated, strategic approach to communications will be critical to success. The link between strategy and its implementation has always been tenuous. Top consulting companies have employed countless MBAs to develop strategy for their clients.

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Because, the good news is: you canrecover your own words. There is an unselfconscious language about your work, which you useall the time. Every time you talk or think about your work, you create arelationship between words and your chosen passion. The trick is tolearn how to catch yourself doing this, and then faithfully write itdown. Yup, I said: write it down. How else will you engage that part ofyour brain for continued support and help?Because an artist statement or personal statement builds a compellingbridge between you and your audience. An inspiring statement gives thepeople who see your work another reason to remember you. Itsreinforcement, clean and simple. And theres not an artist orindependent professional around who cant use a little extrareinforcement to make its way through the crowd. Equally important, a statement gives you the opportunity to see whatyou do through the eyes of language, to validate your creation andprofession from a new perspective. Really, you cant lose!You can onlyprocrastinate.

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Maybe this is an idea for a future post?Or would you still go for chocolate or wine?I know a couple of supervisors who have a brag shelf full of finished, bound PhDs from their students. Those suckers are expensive, so I would accompany it with just a card, but if your super drinks a nice bottle of something is good too. I gave my supervisor also my co supervisor, the chair of my research progress panel, and our two admin staff a little parcel of home made salted caramel fudge. It was very much appreciated and Ive been asked for the recipe quite a few times!PS remember your admins. Theyre the ones who get stuff done Not that supervisors dont, but it all helps. My supervisor told me it is not only unnecessary but not a good idea to give gifts. She also cautioned me never to accept gifts from my student. So I guess it depends on the cultural milieu Im in Canada. While I dont want to sound like a Scrooge, some schools in the US particularly public ones have very strict regulations regarding what professors and supervisors are allowed to accept. This year I had to return a gift to a student because we are strictly forbidden from accepting anything of monetary value. The student was embarrassed and I felt like a jerk. Id check on the guidelines before spending money on a supervisor. Thank you for your post, I wish I have read it earlier as the Christmas holiday starts now in the UK and I have not bought a christmas gift to my supervisor. I have never thought that it is OK to buy a christmas gift to her. She is a nice person, do you think it is OK if I give her a Christmas gift after the holiday?Mary Spiers Williams PhD Scholar ANU College of Law Room 278 The Australian National University Canberra 0200 AUSTRALIA e mary. au skype: maryspiers tudents/researchStudent.

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