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Sipe, L. R. 2002. Talking back and taking over: Young childrens expressive engagement during storybook read alouds. The Reading Teacher, 476 483. Stead, T.

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The basic economics of on demand servicesdesigned for a narrow set of customers willing to pay a premium for immediate service whenever they feel like itare fundamentally incompatible with Ubers goal of providing a major portion of urban transport infrastructure. Although nothing in Ubers business model or actual financial results suggests either near term profitability or the existence of major scale economies, Uber and its supporters regularly argue that its valuation is justified by its nearly unlimited growth potential. Bill Gurley, one of Ubers original investors argued that using Uber would soon become cheaper than driving your own carits market potential should not be based on the size of historic taxi demand but the size of the entire urban ground transportation market. But Gurley failed to disclose the magnitude of current losses and did not explain how Uber could ever produce taxi service as efficiently as current operators, much less how it cut costs to the point where its prices would be fully competitive with car ownership and transit services. As discussed in the second installment of this series, the use of independent contractor drivers is not an Uber innovation, although Uber takes the longstanding practice a step further by shifting vehicle costs and capital risks onto its drivers. Independent contracting transfers wealth from labor to capital but does not improve efficiency or service; when introduced in New York in the late 70s/early 80s fleet owner income increased on a per shift basis by 72%, while hourly driver take home pay fell 23%.

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, an epidemiologist at Benton County Health Services, in an email to Healthline. Food insecurity leaves many students struggling to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat protein sources, such as beans and lean meats. Poor diet can affect both physical and mental health. Previous studies have found a connection between food insecurity and academic problems, which also showed up in this study. The students in our study who reported food insecurity were more likely to have a GPA less than 3. 1 than their food secure peers, said Patton Lpez. Researchers only surveyed a small number of students354at Western Oregon University, so the results may not be applicable to all colleges and universities. Other studies, however, have found similar levels of food insecurity among college students39 percent at the City University of New York and 45 percent at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. More research is needed, said Patton Lpez. However, given the widespread use of food pantries on university campuses, I would suspect that the need is high. The College and University Food Bank Alliance lists almost 40 schools as members, including Oregon State University and Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU students, faculty, staff, and members of the faith community set up the universitys food pantryknown as the Rampantryin 2013 to address food insecurity at the university by providing students with healthy food options. Rampantry offers VCU students basic staple items rice, canned fruit and vegetables, beans, pasta, canned meats, etc. and a list of menu options to create meals with the food, said Terrence Walker, the pantrys student affairs staff sponsor, in an email to Healthline. The only snack foods that we offer are raisins, nuts, popcorn, and breakfast bars. We are also in discussions with Shalom Farms to offer students fresh produce, possibly during the farms next harvest. Sarah Krieger, MPH, RDN, LDN, a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, offered these tips to help students eat healthy on a tight budget. Cook at home. Cooking more often than eating out is absolutely the best way to save money, says Krieger. You also have greater control over what you eat. To save even more, invite friends over, cook a large meal, and split the cost.

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