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We have what we call the KSA. K stands for knowledge, S stands for skills and the most essential one is the A which stands for Attitude. Companies nowadays look for the employee more on the attitude, no matter how skilled you are, the knowledge you have acquired, it doesnt make ones work good if this essential one is missing. The reason is that the attitude makes the whole thing. If we train them about what must be done inside our institution, they do but the hidden curriculum lays there, it cannot be thought but can be improved. The best way to predict your future is to create it. Stephen CoveySari and Doganay2009. Hidden Curriculum on Gaining the Value of Respect for Human Dignity: A Qualitative Study in Two Elementary Schools in Adana. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, 925 940The idea was good and real for today's generation. I would agree with what sir joseph said, that parents are bound to participate with teachers to check the progress of their children. Because it "takes two to tango" when it comes in checking the progress of a child.

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College is not some sort of life hack to avoid sadness or open sesame to your dream job. Negative emotions can feel heavy. Dont let them bring you down!All of the other students are going through the same stuff, and as did your professors years before. Friends and professors will comfort you, when you feel this way. Asking them for help does NOT make you weak. The self growth process is far from a one woman or one man show. That being said, others might need your help too, even if you dont feel confident enough giving it. Offer comfort to your friends!Self growth should not only induce inward gratification, but also outward gratification. When possible, help others. disclaimer Dont stress if you are a commuter, not planning to attend college, or take online classes at home. Experiencing the four year campus life is not the only path towards self sufficiency or self growth!People who are not in college can also undergo personal development; they just use a different tool.

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The letter from the university/college shall be on the official headed paper of the college and clearly confirm that you have successfully completed your course, including the classification you receive, the dates of attendance and graduation. This letter must bear an original university/college seal or stamp and signature of the Registrar sent in a sealed envelope with the university/College's stamp. Void if envelope is opened prior to receipt. The confirmation letter must be sent to the Teachers' Council of Thailand address, as provided above. Please note:1. Without the above requested document, your application may not be processed. 2. Forging or using forced documents may lead to imprisonment or a fine. Offenses Relating to Documents as provided in Section 264 and 268, Thailand Penal Code. Good day. 2 questions. I'm permanent employed by the school1. I have been teaching at my school for 4 years. I'm on my 1st teachers permit the 2 year one. Can I get a second TCT permit for my school?2. If I can. Please advice me what documents I need. The first time my documents were. 1 contract1 degree1 toeicand school documents I don't know as the were in thaiIs it still the same or is there somewhere I can download a check list for TCT the 2 yearThank you. If it's unclear my question please tell me and I'll explain againHi, can anyone help me?I'm turning 2 years here in Thailand and my first temporary teaching licence is due to expire this coming March 2015. Do you think Khrusapa or TCT will still allow me to have another waiver for the 2nd time ?Please help me. I would like to share this information of my recent events at the Korat Immigration Office, and I would be very interested indeed to learn of any other person encountering similar problems. So here goes. After submitting all the correct documents required, a day later I obtained a Non B visa in Laos, no problem at all. Back at the school, i handed to the director, my passport and further copies of my certificates. He promptly whisked my documents away to the labour department and within a week I went to collect my work permit. Easy. No worries at all well that's what I thoughtI have been to and from the immigration office and labour department, with each not giving in. And this is why. My non B visa is stamped with the wording that I will be employed, at the said school, as a teacher, but my work permit has printed on it, I will be working, at the said school same named school as an EXPERT. Now from what I can gather, the labour office tell me that this is normal for them to input this on a working permit and they've never encountered any bother before with this method. Yet immigration are refusing to stamp my extension because the wording is not teacher on the work permit. I've 3 days until my visa expires and then I will be required to leave the country and try to start again. But I dare say, the Thai consulates will be asking questions before contemplating before they issue another visa, if any at all. The complications of trying to live and work in Thailand. There is one main flaw in this information.

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