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For example, The absolute risk reduction in mortality was 2% 4% to 2% rather than, The relative risk reduction was 50%. This is intellectually honest, and avoids artificially inflating the relative benefit of an intervention. To compare groups, use p values with 95% confidence intervals, and report the number needed to treat and to harm from the absolute difference in outcomes. This gives information to gauge clinical import of the intervention. For diagnostic tests, use likelihood ratios in addition to sensitivity, specificity, and positive/negative predictive values. This allows the reader to change the pre test probability of a condition to a post test one after the diagnostic test, using the Fagan nomogram. 5Even if key findings in a picture or figure seem obvious, annotate them with arrows to provide greater clarity. Pictures must be high resolution, as low resolution images show pixels in print. Because tables and figures may be removed from the body of the paper and must therefore stand alone, define abbreviations, even if done elsewhere. The legends for both tables and figures are usually submitted on separate pages. In the discussion, highlight the most important findings first, following the order of the methods and results sections.

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You may be offered a job that you would like to do while youre continuing to go to school to get your advanced degrees, but youre advanced degrees will be necessary to achieve your ultimate goals. During the pursuit of your Advanced Degrees you can do additional internships for credit, following the outline and requirements of the degree conferring institution, which in turn may also lead to other employment opportunities. While youre a student this is an ongoing fluid situation offering enormous, exciting, and endless possibilities. Your Associate Degree is a great beginning. Being able to earn practical experience and credit towards your degree is an exciting prospect that adds an additional virtual dimension to the educational process. No longer is simply a classroom education with a 4.

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