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Many graduates of biology education are self employed and employers of labour; many owned schools for themselves where people works and earn their living while some are in to fish business. There are colleges of education where students of chemistry department are taught how to make dye and chalk; graduates of these departments can establish their own chalk business as soon as they graduate. If supported with fund many schools do not need to buy chalk outside anymore and they can equally produce for other schools. Security issue in Nigeria has been worrisome for more than two years now because of insurgence of Niger Delta and Boko Haram as averred by Horsfall . Stretching the averment further, the former is politically motivated while the latter is religiously motivated; the reason for the insurgence is trivial to this paper but the effects on science education development is very germane. People in Nigeria lives in fear of uncertainty of death from bomb explosion: of gunshot from terrorist or armed robber and many a time from kidnappers. The lives of nationals living in Nigeria are in perpetual danger of abduction or kidnapping. Lecturers and students dont know their fate every day until they retired to bed at night; even while sleeping they cannot sleep and close their two eyes because of armed robbers. The recent attacked on a northern university where students and lecturers were cold bloodedly murdered including a professor of chemistry still remains an insomnia in academic arena. Science infrastructures built with huge amount of money for schools had been destroyed while gas and oil installations vandalised; the resultant effects of these is on education. Many parents have lost their job and the effect is on the children; these children could not complete their education and eventually drop out of schools.

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16. The discussion pages are frequently used by authors to improve their stories. Members also have the ability to "upvote" articles they like and to "downvote" articles they dislike; articles that receive too many net downvotes are deleted. Writers from the Daily Dot and Bustle have noted that the website maintains strict quality control standards, and that sub par content tends to be quickly removed. The Wikidot website routinely holds creative writing contests to encourage submissions. For example, in November 2014, the SCP Foundation held a "Dystopia Contest" in which its members were encouraged to submit writings about the Foundation set in a bleak or degraded world. The Wanderer's Library is a sister website to the SCP Foundation. It uses the same setting as the SCP Foundation, but is made up of fantastical stories rather than scientific reports. The SCP Foundation also maintains a role playing community, a forum on Reddit, a DeviantArt group, two Tumblr blogs, and a Facebook and Twitter account. Apart from the original English community, thirteen official foreign language branches exist. The SCP Foundation has received largely positive reviews.

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The results indicate several contrasts between high and low performing athletic departments in how they penalize athletes for positive drug penalties, particularly at the Division I level. Read more. In this review, researchers provide a historical perspective on marijuana, and survey contemporary research investigating its potential negative effects on the brain. The researchers discuss the evidence regarding cannabis dependence, driving under the influence of cannabis, underachievement, inducing or worsening certain psychiatric conditions, and the potential for progression to use of more dangerous drugs summarized by the acronym DDUMB, a cognitive tool that may help healthcare providers in their risk/benefit discussions with patients who use cannabis. The researchers also review and discuss the impact of marijuana use on target populations, including adolescents who are at increased risk of harm; heavy users; and people suffering from or at high risk of mental illness. While cannabis presents certain subjective, health related, and pecuniary benefits to users, growers, and other entities, it is also associated with several brain based risks. Understanding these risks aids clinicians and their patients in making informed and balanced decisions regarding the initiation or continuance of marijuana use. Read more. Notwithstanding the efforts of health educators and other health professionals regarding tobacco and smoking cessation, research indicates that hookah smoking among college students remains a health concern. Research shows an upward trend in college students hookah use. The purpose of this study was to identify and describe potential patterns/differences in college students hookah use, and the relations among attitudes toward and knowledge about hookah use and use of this drug. Results indicated increased prevalence rates 53. 8 percent among participants of this study. Participants recent hookah use was consistent with that of current research. Study findings supports current research, which found that college students have low negative perceptions of the health risks addictive and detrimental properties of hookah use. Analyses also determined that college students attitudes toward hookah was associated with use of this drug. Regarding reasons why students may use hookah, data analysis indicated statistical significance in lifetime hookah use based on reasons for use. Study provide information for health educators creating hookah risk awareness educational programs aimed at reducing rates of hookah smoking among college students. Read more. In 2012, Colorado became one of the first two U. S. leaders alluding to the Civil War and 16th president to navigate turbulent times. The Aliso Canyon leak was an environmental disaster. It forced local and state officials to reckon with the risks and consequences of relying on fossil fuels. A Times reporter waited less than 15 minutes to vote in suburban Atlanta this week. Many other Georgians wont be so lucky, but say they are determined to vote no matter how long it takes. Tens of millions of struggling Americans need the financial help that another stimulus bill from Congress would provide. Lawyers tell a federal judge they still havent found parents of 545 migrant children the Trump administration separated from their families three years ago. In 1964, white Californians overwhelmingly voted to make segregation a part of the states Constitution with the passage of Prop 14. If Twitters and Facebooks responses to the N. Y. S. Regis. 23, 26 Dec. 28, 2016, hereinafter N. Y.

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