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As with the SAT, the ACT consists primarily of multiple choice questions. The ACT is shorter, however: Students have 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the exam. It covers four curricular areas, plus an optional writing section:The correct scores are counted with no deduction for wrong answers. Like the SAT, the raw score is converted to a scale score. The final ACT score is a composite from 1 36, based on the average of all four of the tests . In 2009, the average U. S. ACT score was 21. 1 . Unless a test taker has special needs and receives a test modification to use a computer, all students take paper and pencils forms of the SAT and ACT. This is in contrast to the GRE an ETS developed test for graduate school applicants, which has moved to a computerized format. The GRE is offered at learning centers by appointment. There are advantages to a computerized method: After each question is completed and submitted, it's scored, and the computer provides more questions based on previous responses so it can gain a more accurate score more quickly. But there are some potential disadvantages, too: You cannot answer all the easy questions first, marking difficult ones and intending to return. Once you've submitted an answer, it's gone forever, and no questions can be omitted. So what's the registration process for an admissions exam?First, resign yourself to sacrificing a Saturday morning sleep in. There are only a few strict exceptions that allow non Saturday testing, such as religious reasons . Getting up on a Saturday might be hard, but for most students, SAT or ACT registration is simple: you can complete it online . There are a few special circumstances that require mailed in registration:Paper registration forms can be requested from the respective Web sites or obtained from high school guidance offices. Schools will also need to provide documentation if you are eligible for testing modifications, such as additional time . How much will you be paying?The tests vary a bit: It's $45 for the SAT, $32 for the ACT and $47 if you take the ACT plus writing. Registration can be completed several months ahead of the test date until about a month before. Extra fees are added for these reasons:Some students may be eligible for fee waivers; these are granted through an applicant's school, not through the test developers. You should obtain information from the school's guidance office . OK, now you've registered, and the big day is fast approaching. What do you need to take with you?Both tests have similar requirements:You won't be allowed to take notes, pens, rulers, a cell phone, a camera, a BlackBerry or most any type of digital or electronic equipment into the test room.

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