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2014. I cleaned up the classroom' at my home the first thing I was going to do was get the private teaching back on track. It had been two years since a private student had knocked on my door. Now I was more determined than ever to make a real go of it. As I was flicking cobwebs from the room's darkest corners, my mobile phone rang. It was Ian. Sony Vektor were looking for a sales and marketing director to take care of the Thailand and Malaysia markets. They were looking for someone to call up companies and sell a unique brand of self study e learning. They wanted me to be that man. My Dad always says that if I fell off a department store roof, I'd land in a new suit, but I think you make things happen. Or perhaps it was Ian's way of thanking me for doing the teacher's tales section.

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What do you need to take with you?Both tests have similar requirements:You won't be allowed to take notes, pens, rulers, a cell phone, a camera, a BlackBerry or most any type of digital or electronic equipment into the test room. Now that you know how to register for the test, you'll need to decide when to take it. No need to stress about that, either. Read on. When is the best time to take your college admissions test?There's no one answer that fits everyone, but specific questions can help. An essential question: What's the cutoff date for applying to your institutions?Your SAT scores are accessible online about three weeks after testing, and they're sent to colleges then, if you request. ACT results arrive through the mail three to eight weeks after testing if you've taken the four section test. If you complete the writing portion as well, expect to receive the entire results in five to eight weeks. Take these deadlines seriously if colleges don't receive your scores on time, they may not consider you despite an impressive GPA or extensive extracurricular activities . Next, you must figure out where you want to take the exam and when it's being offered. Although both tests are given several times each year, not all testing dates are available at all sites. Check the tests' Web sites for specific dates in your area. Now you need to be introspective. Honestly, you probably already know how you tend to perform on standardized tests. How well do you think you'll do here?Can you sit down and breeze through a test, or are you easily stressed?If you think you'll turn into a bundle of nerves, you may want to consider taking the test as a junior, then retaking it early in your senior year. This strategy may allow you to do the following:Many students decide to take admissions tests twice and do somewhat better the second time, although it's unusual to see radical changes. If you want, you may take either test a total of 12 times. There are no age or grade restrictions, so evaluate your personal situation. If you are interested in taking an SAT Subject Test, plan ahead. You cannot take it the same day as the basic SAT, nor can you take more than three Subject Tests in one day. The SAT is an aptitude test, predicting your ability for future learning, whereas the ACT is an achievement test, measuring what you've learned so far. There are parallel ways to prepare for either test, depending upon how much time, money and effort you want to put in:No matter how prepared you are, you still have options as to which test you're going to take. Don't agonize over this choice read on to look systematically at the pros and cons of each option. When choosing a college admissions test, you should, first and foremost, determine the requirements for the institutions you're applying to. What do they want?SAT?ACT?Either?Neither?The decision may already have been made for you. If you do have choice, that means you get to select the test that suits you best.

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