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I have my own personal blog, which is mostly used to express my feelings rather than blog about serious issue. Blogger, Wordpress and Live Journal are among the well known blog service providers. Blog has provided freedom for people to write like a journalist online. However, what impact and benefits does blogging phenomenon brings?Image source: Wordpress. com, 2009According to Loewenstein, in country like China, the implication brought by the blogging is that the bloggers are making use of the freedom of speech online to reveal the scandals and corruption which is less or not covered at all by the mainstream media, such as the public protests about the the weak construction of building which causes many building to collapse during the occurance of earthquake in Sichuan Funnell, 2008. The truth that are buried by the media, are revealed online through blogging. Therefore, blogging phenomenon brings freedom of speech in the internet. Image source: Problogger. net, 2009In my opinion, blogging has, in fact, impacts in many other fields, such as educational, business, entertainment and even political fields. For example, in Malaysia, many politicians such as our Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak and Lim Kit Siang are using blogs to spread their inflence and also communicate and interact with people. By making good and correct use of blogging as a tool for marketing purpose, it may helps in increasing the product sale, get additional income by advertising on the blog, and can even use it as a customer service tool to interact and communicate with clients Gehl, 2006.

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As a professor of religion, I agree that the fruit salad Hanh envisions can be delicious intellectual fare. Yet I encounter a good deal of fruit salad anxiety among my students at a church affiliated college in northwestern Minnesota. Most of my students come from Christian backgrounds, and many understand religious diversity as anything that deviates from their Christian norm. Within the assumptions students bring to the classroom, I have come to see embedded opportunities for cultivating a deeper understanding of difference. I hope that this understanding will enable my students to live responsibly in a world of multiple perspectives. My students enter the classroom with a range of assumptions.

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Dec 29 2016 IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic bar graphs sample questions WRITING TASK 2 BAND 9. Here is my writing IELTS Writing Book by Examiner for task 1 amp 2. Kennedy airport while the other two airports saw an upward trend. Writing an overview 4. Aug 23 2018 The bar chart compares the frequency of Americans eating in fast food restaurants in 2003 2006 2013. Practice and View Model Answer Sep 15 2020 Contents. In this post we will look at how to write this type of essay with structure help vocabulary and sample Bar charts l m t trong nh ng d ng c u h i c a Ielts writing task 1 v l m b i t t ch ng ta c ng c n ph i c nh ng ki n th c nh t nh. Although this is an academic IELTS task I want to encourage everyone to follow these lessons including general IELTS students. Overall females made up a higher proportion of people living alone than males and this difference is particularly noticeable in the older age categories. The bar chart illustrates average domestic expenses per week in different regions in England in the period between 2007 and 2009. Below you will find easy to follow advice on how to describe your IELTS pie chart paragraph by paragraph. You should note first of all that the bar chart is over time which means you need to use the language of change. Taking a few minutes to do this will help us write a clear answer that fully responds to the question. Car ownership 7 2. for producing and consuming electricity whereas the figure for Korea Rep write the entire country 39 s name was Academic Writing Task 1 Report Topic The two pie charts below show the online shopping sales for retail sectors in Canada in 2005 and 2010. In the Test you have now completed Step 1 and you are sure about these vital points. Oct 06 2018 IELTS Reading Exam True False Not Given and Yes No Not Given Questions Duration 18 47. The bar chart compares. The graph below shows nbsp IELTS Line graphs are common in writing task 1 along with bar charts tables maps diagrams and pie charts. more than 40 IELTS writing essay. Test 2 Task 1. May 22 2017 A question on the IELTS academic writing test that is becoming more common asks the candidate to write about more than one chart or diagram. May 31 2012 Hi Simon Thanks for pointing out the differences between these kinds of bar charts I did not figured them out before my ielts books do not consider them even Here 39 s my essay. The bar chart depicts the proportion of various age group Australian men and women who engaged in physical exercises regularly in 2010 Overall the majority of males particularly teenagers do more exercise whereas the number of females mainly those who aged 45 to 54 engaged in physical activities more compared to teenage females. The bar chart shows the divorce rates in two European countries from 2011 to 2015. Thanks in advance lt 3. Below are useful tips for an IELTS bar chart. 4 Feb 2016 Here 39 s my full answer for the 39 phone calls 39 bar chart in this lesson The bar chart compares the amount of time spent by people in the UK on nbsp 6 Sep 2018 How would you write an overview of the information in the bar chart below My tip is to look at two things 1 every year 2 across the years. Task 1 Useful Language IELTS Writing Task 2 Argument Essay with Sample Answer ielts simon. 3. Jul 22 2020 The bar charts below show the levels of participation in education and science in developing and industrialized countries in 1980 and 1990.

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