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Monday Dec. 29, 2008, at Fancy Gap Baptist Church, conducted by the Rev. Dwight Sechrist and Mr. Tim Davis. Burial will follow in New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. A celebration of her life will be held Sunday from 7 to 9 p. m. at Fancy Gap Baptist Church and other times at her home at 2042 S. Main St. , Mount Airy. Flowers will be accepted, or memorials may be made in her memory, c/o Derrick L.

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It is blocked or closed until the faculty member approves a students participation and then gives the student the code to register for it. The Faculty Coordinator, based on the requirements, which vary from department to department, students GPA and credits completed to date, is the person who will register a student for the class. Check the catalog for the specific department you wish to do an internship in for the specific requirements related to these areas. Most of the time, but not all, internships are unpaid and done for school credit toward the degree. The Co op courses here at Queensborough are counted as electives, even though they must be related to the major field of study and the department in which the Cooperative Education class is done. If the student obtains a credit bearing internship then they are good to go ahead with the application process for the internship. If the internship does not have to be done for credit, then the student can decide whether they want to keep the class and earn the credits or officially drop the class and just do the internship for the experience alone. The logic may seem elusive, but students must consider they can only do a maximum number of credits in internships. Here at Queensborough the maximum number of credits a student can do toward their Associate Degree is six 6 credits. So, if a student knows that they want to do additional internships and some of them must be done for credit and some dont then they have to strategize to accomplish their individual goals and follow all of the rules and regulations of the school, the internship sponsors the businesses, and their own individual needs. In addition, the student must arrange their schedule to accommodate going to the internship site to fulfill the hours required to earn the credits. This is a brief overview of some of the facts which a student must consider and incorporate into successfully executing a credited internship experience. The student becomes invested in the internship process even before they show up for an interview or to do the internship. The employer is aware of this investment in the process and this is part of the reason they expect a student to do an internship for credit as opposed to just the experience without fulfilling any academic requirements. An employer gets to see an intern in action on a day to day basis. Did the intern show up for work on time?Was the intern interested in the daily operations?Did the intern demonstrate proficiency in what they brought to the workplace and learn various new tasks easily?Did the intern show initiative to go above and beyond the call of duty?Was the intern a positive force in the workplace?These and many other questions are readily answered when an intern performs in an internship. These are questions an employer would to have answered about every new employee they need to hire. Seeing these various qualities demonstrated in action is better than trying to ascertain them in an interview. So, if a job opens up at the workplace and an intern demonstrates skill in all of the jobs necessary duties and responsibilities, guess whos going to get offered the job?The hardworking intern is. An internship turning into a job is one of the best and rewarding outcomes of an internship. Not every, but many internships have the possibility of developing into full time employment. The closer you are to the terminal point in your education, graduating, the likelier it is that an internship can develop into a full time job. For example, lets suppose that your career choice requires that you get your Doctorate Degree. Doing an internship in an area related to your curriculum when youre pursuing your Associate Degree is a valuable experience. You can get credit toward your Associate Degree and the experience goes on your resume as professional experience. However, a student will in all likelihood not get offered the job you would get when youve earned either your Bachelor Degree or your Doctoral Degree. You may be offered a job that you would like to do while youre continuing to go to school to get your advanced degrees, but youre advanced degrees will be necessary to achieve your ultimate goals. During the pursuit of your Advanced Degrees you can do additional internships for credit, following the outline and requirements of the degree conferring institution, which in turn may also lead to other employment opportunities. While youre a student this is an ongoing fluid situation offering enormous, exciting, and endless possibilities. Your Associate Degree is a great beginning. Being able to earn practical experience and credit towards your degree is an exciting prospect that adds an additional virtual dimension to the educational process.

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