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There's still some tension in the air. Are you concerned about which test to take: the SAT or ACT?The SAT is considered a general test of reasoning and problem solving, whereas the ACT tests several high school curricular areas. The institutions to which you will be applying will tell you which you need, so should be a relief. And if they tell you that either is acceptable, there are specific questions to ask yourself to help you decide, so no worries there. What else do you need to know about admissions test?It might help to know how they originated, what they cover, how to take them and what you can do to prepare. If that seems overwhelming, just relax this article has the information you need to know. Breathe deeply, and let it all unfold before you, starting with this: Just who exactly conceived of these exams, anyway?The College Board, a not for profit organization, was founded in 1900. It assists more than 7 million students a year in areas such as higher education preparation, selection, assessment and financial aid, and administrates the following exams:In 1926, the College Board launched the SAT then known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Currently, ETS, a nonprofit test developer, creates and analyzes the test for the College Board. Since its inception, the SAT has been modified several times due to issues such as:Although the College Board purports the SAT to be the most "widely used college admission exam" , the ACT's creators claim it is the most "widely accepted college entrance exam" . This test is created and distributed by an organization also known as ACT formerly, American College Testing, a not for profit group serving both business and educational needs. Other ACT products include homeschooling materials and assessments, middle school and high school achievement tests and college placement tests. In 1959, college enrollment was increasing in the United States. American College Testing was founded to devise an alternative to the SAT and serve a more academically diverse applicant population. In the 1990s, ACT expanded to include business assessment and analysis. A major revision to the ACT test occurred in 2005 with the inclusion of an optional writing test. This was in response to the University of California's UC new admissions requirement of a writing sample, since the UC system represents a large percentage of students taking college entrance exams . How's your Latin conjugation?Any deep thoughts on specific gravity lately?These types of things were considered essential knowledge at the turn of the 20th century for college applicants. Although the SAT did not appear until 1926, the College Board issued its first entrance exam in 1901. It was limited in scope: Fewer than 1,000 students took the test, and most applied to Columbia University. The exam assessed five languages including Greek and Latin, physical sciences, history and mathematics.

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