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Barros, a pediatrician and assistant professor at Albert Einstein, said the data were important because many new schools were being built without adequate outdoor space for students. She says its a big mistake for teachers to punish a child for bad behavior by denying recess. We need to understand that kids need a break, Dr. Barros said. Our brains can concentrate and pay attention for 45 to 60 minutes, and in kids its even less. For them to be able to acquire all the academic skills we want them to learn, they need a break to go out and release the energy and play and be social.

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He replaces James Muyskens, who recently retired after eleven and a half years at the college. Gizis left his homeland of Greece in 1960 for graduate school in the United States. After earning his MS and PhD in food science and biochemistry at Oregon State University, he launched a five decade academic career that took him from the West Coast to the East Coast, from being a researcher in four top labs to senior level administrative posts at four City University colleges. President Gizis is no stranger to Queens College. He first came to QC in 1986 as vice president for college affairs, planning, and information systems. Two years later, he chaired the committee for the colleges first five year plan. Gizis left Queens College for five years 19962001 to go to Hunter College, where he held a number of posts, including interim president. He then returned to Queens as interim provost in 2001, becoming provost in 2003, a position he held until his retirement in 2009. Although retired, Gizis was still part of CUNY, working part time as a senior advisor in the Central Office. I feel honored to be appointed interim president of Queens College, and I accept this responsibility knowing the challenges the college will face this spring, Gizis noted recently. And I applaud President Muyskens for enhancing the academic experience of our students, with the result that the college is now nationally recognized as a leader in quality education.

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Many of these cases have moved into litigation. Another study appearing in the 1981 journal CANCER, detected high levels of chlordane in 13 children with cancer. Researchers have stated that chlordane is a high risk chemical for brain cancer because it is a fat soluble compound and therefore has the potential to accumulate in the brain. In regards to the so called safety tests conducted by chemical companies on pesticides, there is unfortunately no consideration given to the fact that the developing fetus has been reported to be 50 times more vulnerable to the harm of cancer causing chemicals. Also, the EPA does not take into account that a newborn child does not develop an efficient blood brain barrier until at least one year after birth. The blood brain barrier functions to keep toxic substances out of the brain and is believed to be the reason why epilepsy is shown to be an increased risk factor for developing brain cancer, as epileptic patients have been found to have lower blood brain barrier function. One reason scientists are still extremely concerned about chlordane is the fact that although its use was stopped in the U. S. in April of 1988, chlordane is such an extremely persistent pesticide that it is still being detected in the air of homes today. In fact, tests of over 1000 homes performed by the U. S. You def don't need any revision of any sort your nose looks wonderful. I've had rhinoplasty 2 months ago, had a hit after being very carefull all the time!from the least expected source came to my friend a goodbye on the cheek and she though my nose was my mouth and she turned the entire thing went upwards though no pain was exprienced. Since the nose itself is very stiff this had a very strange feeling lasting for 2 min atleast the cheek was kinda soft. When I woke up in the morning I found a little scab from a little hump and maybe it was my imagination, but I think that a the little hump became albiet larger. Started to do excatly what you described in your posts was very angry at myself for not being more carefull and looking all the time at the mirror just to see if the small hump is my imagination. Went to see the doctor couple of days later he didnt really check me and said he cant see not diffrence but I am looking for a real answer in two months. Cant stop being obsessed about it!hi maximv88 i'm SOOOOO sorry to hear that your new nose got hit!I can totally relate to the anger, frustration, tears, about getting injured so soon after surgery. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you don't have any permanent damage. I'm still torn if I'm going to get the revision, but honestly I'm thinking I may not, and I realize it's not nearly as bad as I make it out to be in my mind. Thinking back to when I got hit, I remember my doc said there will probably be swelling around bone where the hump used to be, and he told me it could take 1 2 weeks to go down. And he kept telling me to give it the full year before decidingif there is any damage. It's was so difficult to be patient. I think after i passed the 6 month mark, I stopped being so obsessed with it, and started fully enjoying my new nose. : I'm really sorry to hear you have to go thru this same thing. I am still mad at myself for not being more careful. but one thing that helps is looking at old pics of that nasty hump!Then i realize how much better it is, even with the hit and all. So pull up some old pics of yourself, look in the mirror, and you will feel a little bit better I hope. Just know there's someone else out there who's been thru the same exact thing, and it does get better as time passes, cheesy but true!Hi, thanks for sharing your story with every one. I strongly think your nose is perfect now and you don't need the revision surgery, I think it is too much of a risk that you won't like it. But I was wondering if you could tell us what exactly the doctor did to your nose during the surgery?Was it necisary to break the bone for your hump removal?I am going to get my nose fixed, because unfortunetly even though I was born with a perfectly straight nose, some evil bitch who bullied me for years in primary school, broke my nose on purpose with a netball.

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