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After citing Stanovich, Allington 2012 concludes, so expanding volume of reading, as suggested in the previous chapters, is a good first step to increasing knowledge of word meanings. In 10 Research Tested Ways to Build Childrens Vocabulary, Duke and Moses 2003 outline ten research based practices that will support vocabulary development drawing on the work multiple researchers to support each of the strategies outlined. One that stands out aligns closely with Teachers College Reading and Writing Projects approach is that, in school we need to involve children in rich, meaningful conversations whenever we can p. 5. The TCRWP places a strong emphasis on talk to support student learning and embeds talk into most of their teaching structures from mini lessons, to reading and writing partnerships, book clubs, to whole class conversations around texts read aloud. It is clear that the TCRWP values talk, not just as a way to build vocabulary, but to support overall learning. In the TCRWP Overview of the Year for Readers document which accompanies our curricular calendars for each grade, our recommendations are aligned with the research that, the single most important thing you can do to enhance your childrens knowledge of words is to lure your children into lots and lots and lots of reading. If children read a diverse range of books, theyll encounter a wider range of words p. 23. Please reference this and other resources below for additional support on how to boost vocabulary for all learners. Allington, R.

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A session beer is relatively low in alcohol content and is therefore suitable for drinking over an extended period. So pull up a seat and get to drinking!This IPA was brewed in collaboration with Nash Community College BDF Program as a final. Everybody passed!Our hazy IPA is sweet and citrusy with a sturdy body built by adding oats into the mash tun during the brew process. Chinook, Cashmere, and Centennial hops give it a perfect, juicy bite to complement the creamy mouthfeel. Fruit and oatmeal. its like breakfast in a glass!This is an Extra Special Bitter with a twist!We fermented this beer with our house Klsch strain as opposed to the London Ale Strain that would typically be used for an ESB style. This ESB variant was brewed with 5 pounds of Blackbeard Coffee Roasters Colombian coffee beans. Dapple Dog Dry Stout is brimming with dark chocolate notes, hints of honey and smells of roasty espresso. Marris Otter malt paired with specialty Carafa malts creates a bready, mouth coating beer, while the East Kent Golding hops bring out subtle, herbal notes. A variation of our award winning Dapple Dog Dry Stout this tiramisu dry stout brings you notes of soft cocoa, espresso, and a creamy mouthfeel that gives you the dessert experience!This gose has a crisp sulfur in the nose, reminiscent of traditional German lagers, carried by a very thin and light body. Its got a high carbonation that is accentuated by the lactic acid bite. Who else thought it went, Dooont go Jaaason Waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that youre used to?Anyone?Just me?Cool. This RIS has a strong aroma of toffee, graham cracker, and chocolate syrup. Carafoam, Munich, and Marris Otter malts shine, while the roasted barley and chocolate malt give it a lingering roasty sweetness. This RIS variant is brewed with organic cacao nibs and Guajillo peppers. Shes deep, a little boozy, and sure to warm you right up!Coffee?Sour?Yes, you read that right!A little tart, a little roasty, and a lot of personality!We brewed this batch with our friends at Blackbeard Coffee Roasters using their Ethiopian beans. Sip and be amazed!Klsch is a traditional brew from Cologne, Germany. This top fermented beer is brewed with German malt and American Centennial hops, giving it an effervescent sweetness and a slightly dry, crisp finish. This dry and light traditional saison is the second release in our serverseries collection and was brewed by our server Brandon Becker. He brewed this beer with honey, figs and coriander from the Appalachian Mountains. The creative ingredients give this beer a taste of bubblegum and clove with soft floral undertones and light sweetness from the figs. What in the world is a Schwarzbier!?Its basically a black lager. This dark German lager balances roasted yet smooth malt flavors with moderate hop bitterness. This beer wont be thick like a stout, it has medium bodied mouthfeel with a lingering taste of bitter chocolate. Brewed with lush American hops, Loki IPA packs a juicy, citrus punch with a bright, piney aroma. Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca hops erupt as Marris Otter malt gives depth to this super charged East Coast IPA. This is an Extra Special Bitter with a twist!We fermented this beer with our house Kolsch strain as opposed to the London Ale Strain that would typically be used for an ESB style. Its named after an extra special pup, Lord Buckley. Very thin and light body. Slight aroma of Guava with hints of Mango. A crisp sulfur in the nose reminiscent of traditional German lagers.

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