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BCC paper issue No 53. They see nbsp . Read the text below and answer Questions 9 14. 4. Once you have your estimated band score for each module add them together and divide by four i. Oct 03 2020 IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests September December 2020 with Answers Ebook 18 37 Written by professional IELTS teachers to help candidates on the big day Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or Advertising is all around us it is an unavoidable part of everyone s life . 0 Listening 6. lessonwriter. 792 5. Apr 19 2013 Describe a funny situation that made you laugh. IELTS 6 Listening Practice Test 1 SECTION 1 Questions 1 10 Questions 1 4 Complete the notes below.

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Some of those arrested died in prison. Of the accused, 14 women and 5 men were hanged. There were fears about religious extremists as many critics perceived witchcraft as being counterproductive. Many problems within the society were attributed to the witches living in the town of Salem. At the time of their arrest, most of them were found with things believed to be used to propagate their activities. There were about 600 residents in Salem town that conflicted with one group arguing that they had the right to remain in the town as farming families and the other to settle on the eastern side of the rich suburban town of Salem. The thriving economy of Salem town that was mainly a farming community made it to be perceived as being individualistic. The individualism was clashing with the communal nature of Puritanism. The Putnams felt that the large farming families were completely isolated from the rest of the town and amassed a large quantity of wealth. The Putnams were acknowledged leaders of a separatist group. This separatist group owned most of the farming land in Salem village.

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