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25" x 10. 5" dia; wheel thrown ceramic with multiple glazes. Collection of Christina and Howard Risatti. 3. 20 oz. Walmart plastic container, 2009 3. 5" x 4" x 2"; manufactured in China for Walmart Company, Inc. of Polypropylene PP plastic and sold in a set of four. 4. Howard Risatti b. 1943 and Derek Bencomo b.

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This report also discussed other cancers following chlordane treatment, which included 3 cases of aplastic anemia and 3 cases of leukemia. 25 other cases of cancers were reported elsewhere following chlordane home exposure. Many of these cases have moved into litigation. Another study appearing in the 1981 journal CANCER, detected high levels of chlordane in 13 children with cancer. Researchers have stated that chlordane is a high risk chemical for brain cancer because it is a fat soluble compound and therefore has the potential to accumulate in the brain. In regards to the so called safety tests conducted by chemical companies on pesticides, there is unfortunately no consideration given to the fact that the developing fetus has been reported to be 50 times more vulnerable to the harm of cancer causing chemicals. Also, the EPA does not take into account that a newborn child does not develop an efficient blood brain barrier until at least one year after birth. The blood brain barrier functions to keep toxic substances out of the brain and is believed to be the reason why epilepsy is shown to be an increased risk factor for developing brain cancer, as epileptic patients have been found to have lower blood brain barrier function. One reason scientists are still extremely concerned about chlordane is the fact that although its use was stopped in the U. S. in April of 1988, chlordane is such an extremely persistent pesticide that it is still being detected in the air of homes today.

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Pure gold, 24k, is generally considered too soft for jewelry and is therefore mixed with an alloys to produce 22, 18, 14, or 10 karats, so opting for white or rose gold is not necessarily an automatic reduction in quality or purity. I the white gold jewelry I have, and if youre looking for a piece of jewelry, consider giving white gold a try. And if youve seen rose gold somewhere commonplace, let us know where you saw it Ive never seen it in any department stores like Macys or the like, because it would definitely be worth taking a look at. My last post on energy/healing jewelry got me wondering how these people/companies come up with the prices for which they sell their jewelry. I wondered about this, because at first glance, a lot of them seem rather, well, expensive. We arent talking about an emerald pendant surrounded by diamonds, an object whose value could be verified fairly objectively; this is in reference to the beaded semi precious stone bracelets and necklaces with pendants of quartz, chinese coins, or other minerals. I have been wondering how one decides how much these adornments are worth. So if you are of an artistic sort, and you make jewelry, how do you determine a pieces value?How do you know how much to charge for your creations?Interestingly, I came upon this website while looking for something completely unrelated, and there it was: a simple jewelry pricing formula!It can be found at Home Jewelry Business Sucess Tips: Jewelry Pricing Formula. I suppose this formula could be used to apply to anything, really. For you professionals, is this realistic?When you do your pricing, do you follow a similar formula?If not, how do you make your pricing determinations?Finally, if you do use a formula like this, does it work?Are you able to sell your wares using this setup and make enough profit to live on?Id to hear any comments from anyone reading this regarding how you have set up your pricing structures, what youve found works, and what absolutely does NOT work. Who knows?Maybe someone whos trying to get in to the jewelry business is looking for exactly this kind of information. You never knowThis is a topic I have a hard time with. I dont know, it may be that Im oblivious to the subtleties of changes going on around me. I might be too jaded and cynical and not open enough to feel healing powers. Can healing or energy or prosperity jewelry really promote what they say they do?Do they work?You can find jewelry to heal your chakras, attract health, wealth, the perfect person, the perfect job, and anything else you feel like manifesting. That word seems to be used a lot. You can buy a necklace to bring you luck AND bring good fortune to all who glimpse at the necklace. It seems that the right piece of jewelry can do just about anything. Sort of. Some sites claim that their jewelry is special by the way they make it. Maybe theyre able to channel the energy of the cosmos when theyre creating it. Each piece lists the mineral beads used for it which serves as the center from which the powers of the piece of jewelry eminate. Now, I could go off on a HUGE tangent here and talk about crystals and the healing powers certain ones are supposed to have and my opinion on whether THEY work, but Ill leave that to the pros ie Melody, whos book Love Is In The Earth is basically the bible of all things mineral. But the question remains: Do they work at what they claim to do?Does the amethyst ring I wear make me calmer, as some of the properties of amethyst are to promote tranquility and calm the mind?Is that 5th chakra necklace helping clear the issues you may have there?Physically, 5th chakra problems are associated with things like neck and shoulder problems. Did putting on a necklace designed for that chakra get rid of that pain?Is my moonstone pendant connecting my emotional side with my creative side?I dont know. Could it all be a placebo effect?Possibly. I have jewelry of semi precious stones that are associated with healing properties. I have an even bigger collection of raw minerals everything from rose quartz, labradorite, apophylite, and celestite to just name a few and every one of these is associated with some area of healing or promoting health, vigor, or creativity. All of these raw minerals are a LOT bigger than what youd find in a piece of jewelry. Do they help me?Do they work in the background, and even though Im not sensitive enough to actually feel them, they ARE working?Again, I dont know. But each piece is important to me. One site, Energy Muse says that they not only use the right minerals to heal what needs healing, but theyre created with INTENT, and its that which is most important. When you receive one of their pieces, you are supposed to infuse the piece with YOUR intent as well, and thats essential to promote the pieces properties. I have several pieces from this company. I have followed their directions to the letter. Did they work?Again, I dont know if Im just not sensitive enough or too cynical or who knows what, but I couldnt tell.

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