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Some explained that in their culture it was not the done thing to give a gift to a teacher make note all you students in Sweden. Some people were not sure they wanted to give their supervisor a gift because the relationship was strained. Others thought that giving a gift to a person who is doing their job is not appropriate in any circumstances. It was pointed out that gift giving creates a sense of obligation and reciprocity, which can be awkward for a supervisor especially if they have many students. Then, of course, we are a diverse society. Many people do not celebrate Christmas all because of their atheist stance, others routinely have their own religious holidays ignored by Australias Christian slant. Im not sure how you negotiate this social minefield, but perhaps, if you are unsure what is considered normal behaviour, ask the students who have been there longer than you. Make sure you ask more than one as opinions may vary. Finally: just because certain behaviour is considered normal doesnt mean you have to be normal. As I highlighted in my story, experiencing the gift giving norms of another culture can be delightful. In Australia, being a non drinker is considered a weird thing I know it says something about our culture doesnt it?therefore people may never tell you they dont drink.

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They empower everyone to fill up a huge skill gap to find the new opportunities to be more successful in their career. Their experience and efforts can put the candidates into practice that suit their plans and goal. AngularJS course training at techavera has especially been structured to provide extensive knowledge. AngularJS training programs begin from basics topics and cover all the advanced level modules followed by a much deeper review of developing the web application and maintaining the web pages. It also involves learning by doing the process for performing hands on exercises using state of the art technology. This kind of excellent way of angular js training ensures that get the best out of the training.

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