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As a form of low stakes and formative assessment, I think blogs are an excellent teaching, learning and writing tool. And they make writing fun, which for students and academics is always a good thing :. I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but I had the sense that I needed to do a bit more by way of research in order to write it well, and have thus been putting it off. I always seem to have too many other Things To Do, like write my PhD draft. Which is, itself, like a very long essay. It has an introduction, it is developing an argument using research, data and other kinds of evidence and my own critical thinking about that evidence and my own argument, and it will finish with a conclusion that will hopefully pull it all together. Granted, it is about 78000 words longer than the average undergraduate students essay, but the basic idea behind the structure, and I would argue, the intent, is the same. The point is to teach me, as the student, to produce a well research, sustained and academic piece of writing and thinking that will enable me to move forward in my own ability to think critically and to do research that contributes to knowledge in my field. It will also enable me to more confidently join, and also contribute to and extend relevant conversations and debates in my field. I am learning how to think outside of my own narrower conceptions of the world and even my field, and I am learning to think in ways that allow me to more ably join what Wheelahan 2010 calls societys conversation about itself. This is, ideally, what the university essay is aiming to teach undergraduate students.

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Here are four of the themes which appear with regularityProducing creative output is a process of starting over and over and over again. Every single time you come to your work, youre required to make another beginning. This is a constant challenge for most creative people. No matter how much you your creative work once youre in the flow, the struggle to get started rarely goes away. The temptation to find reasons to procrastinate is strong. That voice in your head can be particularly persuasive. The one that says: the time isnt right I dont have the correct materials theres no space to work in Im not in the best frame of mind I might get interrupted All of these objections may have some truth behind them, but if you dont overrule them, youll never get started. Progressing your creative work means creating in the middle of things. Whilst being aware that there are chores to be done, calls to be made, the trivia of life to be attended to, you have to choose periods of time when your creative efforts take the top spot on your list of priorities. If you wait until everythings perfect, youll simply never get started. And if you never get started, the obvious result is that youll never produce anything.

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