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Good paraphrases should:Usually, a computerprogram or teacher willconsider plagiarism asmore than 4 wordstogether from the original. Even so, you should notcopy key words: verbs,nouns, adjectives, orexpressions that areunique. Even so, some fields havewords and phrases that arecommon and all expertsshould know and use. Paraphrases may includethese, even if they areIn addition to helping teacherslearn more about studentsreading and writing ability,paraphrasing providesmeaningful opportunities forstudents to practice closereading of target texts andlanguageand thusUsingSourcesELI,enhanceMSUtheir reading and writingskills. In other words,paraphrasing is a form ofPoorAlso aiding teachers inunderstanding studentsreading and writingability, paraphrasinggives goodopportunities forstudents to try carefulreading of things andtherefore enhance theirreading and writingskills. We can say thatGoodTeachers useparaphrasing tomeasure studentslearning and writingskills.

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Discover a transformative learning environment that empowers you to be influential; to make a tangible difference on a global scale. Here you wont just earn an education, youll live it. July 26, 2001, Greencastle, Ind. DePauw's tradition of entrepreneurial alumni has another example: Liz Welter. The 2000 DePauw graduate recently opened Pottery By You, a paint your own pottery studio on the northwest side of Indianapolis. The daughter of a Valparaiso, Indiana banker, and a communication major at DePauw, Welter is stepping outside of the box with her new venture, which is the subject of a large article in the the business section of today's Indianapolis Star. The 23 year old Welter told the Star, "I've found that a lot of the people I've worked with have been really nice because they understand what it's like to start up a business. " The shop opened earlier this month, offering customers the opportunity to select a piece of unfinished pottery, which they then paint. Welter then fires and glazes the pieces and returns them to the customer. The article makes two mentions of DePauw, and describes how Welter became interested in the business concept, and the thought process and risks she's undertaken as she's embraced her entrepreneurial challenge. You can read the article by clicking here. As we approach the end of fall term, we ask all students to submit a spring residence preference form by November 6: 6Jasz5ir SaBd"How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?" ask the nuns in The Sound of Music, lamenting their inability to pin down the irrepressible Maria. Historians in quest of the Pharisees might utter the same refrain. The Pharisees were a Jewish group that flourished in the late Second Temple period. Despite constituting but a fraction of the Jewish population, the Pharisees elicit historical fascination because a they are generally understood as the forerunners of the rabbis and b the Gospels portray them as among Jesus' primary rivals. Yet what sort of group the Pharisees were and what role they played in Jewish life elude scholarly consensus. Historians have portrayed them as a religious sect, a political party, a philosophical order, a bureaucratic or scholarly class, or some combination thereof. It is a problem of sources. The sources mentioning the Pharisees are limited in number, have limited perspectives, and have axes to grind. Some of them were written much later than the periods they depict. Historians therefore dispute how the evidence ought to be prioritized and interpreted. Josephus 37circa 100 C. E. designates the Pharisees a "sect" and a "philosophy" distinguished by their belief in fate and the resurrection of the dead, their precision in studying the Torah, and their adherence to an extrabiblical "tradition of the fathers. " On occasion he highlights their political activity, such as their influence during the reign of Salome Alexandra or their sway among the masses. But some historians wonder whether his portrait was designed more to meet Roman literary conventions than to reflect reality, and others worry that Josephus, who might have been a Pharisee himself, aggrandized their significance. The Gospels and Acts likewise mention the Pharisaic belief in resurrection and their "tradition of the elders" for example, Mark 7:3, Acts 23:8. Pharisees are also said to fast, avoid eating with sinners, wear fringes and phylacteries, permit divorce, make vows, tithe, refrain from healing or plucking grain on the Sabbath, and practice ritual purity outside the temple by washing dishes and hands before eating. But these writings, which often depict Pharisees as the hypocritical or legalistic foils against whom the teaching of Jesus or the apostles is proclaimed, may reflect later Christian misimpressions. In the Mishnah circa 200 C. E. Believing his teachings, and imitating of his actions. JWs try to do exactly that. So labeling them as a Cult simply is not a correct use of the word Cult. You really should take the opportunity next time they knock at your door to talk to them. That way you will be able to discredit them correctly for what they actually do believe.

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