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Sometimes, writers want to make sure that they are paid for their effort to compose articles or general texts. In the short term, writers may work for very little money while they become known, but in the long term, writers who dont earn enough, wont be able to freelance for a long time. Freelance writers should ask themselves before setting their prices:Full time freelance writers usually spend the equivalent of a full working week on writing. That means more than 2000 hours per year. However, take out all the time you spend blogging, filing or making cups of coffee as well as holidays and bad days and there will probably be about 1800 hours left per year. Writers must also think about the price of consumables.

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You tend to be brief when you pay by the word. The ad duly appeared the following morning and the phone in my dingy guesthouse room literally rang off the wall. I got all sorts of offers from managing a hotel in Pattaya to selling timeshare to rich expats as you'd expect. One job offer came from an Indian gemstone company on Silom Road who were looking for a sales manager. I went down to see them the same afternoon, liked what I saw, liked what I heard, and we shook hands on a deal 15,000 baht a month plus lunch plus commission. I threw myself into the work and learned all I could about semi precious gemstones. Now I was a bit more settled I also moved into a cheap apartment in Sukhumwit 22. The job itself involved calling up jewelry manufacturers and trying to make an appointment with the gemstone buyer. Then came the hard work of trying to sell them a bagful of loose amethyst. Because it was a trade largely undertaken by Indians, I was something of a novelty and found it easy to get appointments. I also became well known within the Indian community and have kept many friends to this day.

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