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I recognize that you see me traveling totally free or earning money, so consequently you want to do that exact same point, and you CAN if you start a travel blog site but try to keep in mind that it doesn't come very easy and I pinch myself often to see if it's all actual. It actually is outstanding. If you want to travel the world but approve the truth that you have to SPEND FOR IT then let's speak about the actions you can take as well as choices to considerConserve moneySelect a job/major in university that enables travelingResearch study abroad if you remain in collegeThink about a brand new job if you really feel stuck that's what I did. Educate yourself a new ability to earn money on the side and eventually switch to that ability being your new profession. Off the top of my head:. Digital photography.

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Well, because it's awesome. Money in the movie is portrayed as an impulsive, addictive drug. He goes on to say that his favorite drug is actually money, because of all the things it can do for you. The main characters also cannot stop doing illegal activities to make cash, even though they were making more money than they even knew what to do with. Over the course of the movie, Belfort continues to make mistake after mistake, but he feels invincible due to his wealth and due to the drugs he takes. At one point he tries to bribe an FBI agent to stop the ongoing investigations into his company. The drug abuse in the film highlights the toxic lifestyle addiction creates. Few things matter to a drug addict in the world except for the drugs they take. An addict can have everything: money, fame, family, friends and more and still give it all up to stay high. Belfort never fails to continue buying and taking drugs, even though he knows what he does while on drugs. The biggest example was Belfort driving a car while on Quaaludes. This drug addiction also plays into his promiscuity, which he displays throughout the movie. Eventually it takes a couple of disasters to turn Belfort around. His yacht capsizes and the plane sent to pick him up crashes. Afterwards, he sobers up and tries to make an honest living making infomercials. His past misdeeds still caught up to him and he ultimately landed in jail. After getting out of jail, he hosts seminars on sales techniques. In the end, peoples lives are dictated by the choices they make. Belforts decision to abuse drugs was not his downfall so much as his addiction to money, but it was a significant contributor to ruining many aspects of his life nonetheless. Belforts income, his drug problem introduced by his best friend, and his social support system encouraging the use of drugs all created the perfect storm that he would not seek relief from until he hit rock bottom. Unfortunately for many substance abusers, rock bottom is usually what it takes to quit. The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie about greed, money, and drugs dominating the lives of a company of New York stockbrokers. This story, directed by Martin Scorsese, surrounds the life of Jordan Belfort, a middle class stockbroker, seeking a way to make his way to the top of Wall Street by any means necessary. He started out by working for a well renowned stock exchange firm at which he was mentored by a seasoned colleague of his played by Matthew McConaughey. Through him, he was able to learn some of the tricks of the trade as well as pick up some of his bad habits. One of these preposterous activities included snorting cocaine, which his mentor almost portrayed to be necessary to partake in to make it through the day to day life of a stockbroker. After the stock market crash of 1987, Jordan was laid off and forced to seek a daily living elsewhere. Upon doing so, he stumbled upon a penny stock exchange firm that was much less accomplished than his previous occupational establishment. He went on to turn this company around, becoming the head of it and changing its name to Stratton Oakmont. This eventually multi million dollar company ultimately employed hundreds of stockbrokers and became an empire on Wall Street. This company thrived through artificial inflations of stock prices and selling them to investors, after which the value of the stocks dropped, causing the investors to lose their money. Everything is fine in the life of Jordan and his firm until the FBI investigates, indicts, and eventually charges Jordan for money laundering and security fraud. These charges landed him 2 years in prison and necessitated the repayment of several millions of dollars to those investors who were hoodwinked by him. A common theme in this movie and the one thing that eventually led to Jordans downfall was drug usage. Jordan picked up this illegal habit from his previous job and expanded upon it in his own company, spreading it like a wildfire throughout his firm. From cocaine to Quaaludes to excessive alcohol consumption, Jordan and his colleagues were very open with their drug usage and almost encouraged others within the company to participate in these outrageous activities on a day to day basis.

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