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Jackson, the Get Lifted producer, argues that its peoples common humanity that drives engaging stories and that talented artists have the creative capacity to step into a different persons shoes. I think storytellers are storytellers, he says. I would for people of color to write stories about people of color. When it comes to our experience, I think someone who walks around in that skin probably has a stronger perspective on what that means. But I would never say that someone whos not a person of color couldnt effectively and successfully tell our story. For those who are aware of it, Black Wall Street has become a powerful national symbol, popping up everywhere from fundraising events in Atlanta to record labels launched in Compton. But its still a physical place in a city with a large income disparity between whites and blacks, an entertainment district that was named after a Ku Klux Klan member until 2017, and a string of killings of unarmed black men by police officers. At the mural unveiling I talked to Tiffany Crutcher, the twin sister of Terence Crutcher, who was shot and killed by a police officer on a Tulsa road in 2016. That same culture that burned down Black Wall Street is the same culture that killed my brother, that killed Eric Harris, that killed Jeremy Lake right here in this city, she says. Tulsas government is hoping to use the impending 100 year anniversary of the massacre as an opportunity to address some of its problems. A centennial commission, spearheaded by state Senator Kevin Matthews, has launched a number of cultural and economic initiatives tied to Greenwood.

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How can I Best Support my Emergent Readers and Writers in their Literacy Development?. Brotherton, S. , and Williams, C. 2002. Interactive Writing Instruction in a First Grade Title I Literacy Program. Journal of Reading Education, 273, 8 19.

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