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Det har til og med gtt s langt at mennene har begynt kle seg ut som kvinner, for gjre narr av oss. Nr det gjelder mitt bloggefravr s har det mye med flytting og blotting og gjre. Jeg flyttet nettopp inn til hovedstaden, og har ftt meg ny samboer. Hun er av den liberale typen, og hver gang jeg kommer p en id s skjer dette:HAHAHA, utrolig morsomme tegniner. Syns de var fantastisk fine, bare elsker den frste tegningen hvor blotteren har snn lurt smil og blikk, hahaha!virker som det er et srt, veldig spesielt fenomen som viser seg i yngre les: under 25 kvinner som lever under samme tak. Forvrig vil jeg pst at jenter som stripper, legger ut pornovideoer p youtube eller skalte musikere som kaster klrne heller ikke er s langt unna blotterne i hvert fall i den forstand at de alle har en merkelig trang til vise alle andre sin halvnakne, perfekte, sillikonbefengte kroppEn noe gammel post kommentere, men et sted flte jeg at det var fornuftig legge igjen et spor et eller annet sted i og med at jeg tydeligvis er svidt utenfor din normale leserkrets.

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One of the key challenges for artists is not confidence in their work, but in how they present their work to the world. Artists are notorious for engaging in conversations from a one down position. We feel as if there is a caste system and we struggle to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur. Standing in the role of entrepreneur takes practice. It takes support from others and encouragement from peers. When you take yourself seriously as an artrepreneur others will follow suit. PerseveranceIve heard it said that it takes three years to become an overnight sensation. I believe that to be true and I see it as I attend gallery openings, poetry readings and other venues of artistic expression. Those who have separated themselves from the pack have one thing in common, perseverance. The successful artist has to be focused and find renewable sources of energy to keep moving forward on the journey. The primary factor that hinders perseverance is isolation. When artists have a support system they are more inclined to stay the course toward their vision. They are able to unload the emotional detours that arise from not getting selected for a show or not getting a call back for an audition. We gain strength by the cheerleading squad weve assembled in our lives. Create a success team to help you navigate your unchartered waters and youll be amazed at the results. MotivationYou would think creating beautiful work would be enough motivation, but that is the external motivating factor. How do you keep the internal flames that propel you forward burning bright?Reward yourself!We all rewards and by creating our own incentive program keeps us in the game. Having mile markers along the way that show your success in measurable outcomes is essential for maintaining motivation. Ever wonder why nonprofit organizations or religious institutions create a huge thermometer during their fundraising drives?Its to show the public the progression of their mission. As they get closer to the top it draws others who want to be a part of putting the organization over the top. Create your own gauge and make it visible so it stays in your consciousness. When you hit the top of the gauge be sure and shout it from the rooftops because youve shown that motivation yields results and that is evident by your success, both personal and professional. Greg Katz is a national juried artist and the owner of the Artist Success Studio, a virtual artist community that transforms Successful Artist from oxymoron to declarative fact. About the Author:Greg Katz is a national juried artist and the owner of the Artist Success Studio, a virtual artist community that transforms Successful Artist from oxymoron to declarative fact. Greg can be reached at 720 851 6736 or visit his website atften, while viewing other artists experiences with their creativity, defined by pen to paper within their Artists Statements, I find myself thinking, This reminds me of man trying to define God by putting creativity into a box. Oft times too I wonder, What the heck are they talking about?I wonder if even they even know.

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