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Philosophy is beside the point. Based on much evidence of such a breakdown, ethics education experts such as Thomas Lickona of the SUNY's College at Cortland have concluded that to learn to act ethically, human beings need to be exposed to living models of ethical emotion, intention and habit. Far removed from such living models, college students today are incessantly exposed to varying degrees of nihilism: anti ethical or disembodied, hyper rational positions that Professor Fish calls poststructuralist and antifoundationalist. In contrast, there is scant emphasis in universities on ethical virtue as a pre requisite for participation in a civilized world. Academics tend to ignore this ethical pre requisite, preferring to pretend that doing so has no social repercussions. It is at the least counterintuitive to deny that the growing influence of nihilism within the academy is deeply, and causally, connected to increasing ethical breaches by academics such as the cases of plagiarism and fraud that we cited earlier.

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Students must be wearing masks at all times when travelling to and from school, including on buses. 2. Students should physically distance at bus pick up and drop off stops. 3. Students are expected to use hand sanitiser before hopping on a bus. Music, Food, HAPE Programs1. The Department Operations Guide outlines a number of conditions and restrictions on activities and learning that can take place in a number of our college program areas, largely music, food and HAPE. Students involved in these programs will be informed of what is possible and what conditions are in place to safely continue learning in these areas. NOTE Please note however, that all items listed above are correct as at the time of publishing this newsletter, however are subject to change at any time. If you have any further questions, please contact the Administration office. College CouncilThe September meeting of the Newcomb Secondary College Council took place remotely on the last Thursday of term 3.

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