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Our definition of an Artisan is one who creates a masterpiece through passion while remaining in harmony and balance with Mother Nature. Our beef is custom bred to consistently bring out incredible flavor in every tender bite, starting with our Stillman Prime Tenderloin the best of the best, to our PapPaws Big Porter House, The 1860 Bone in Ribeye, our very own Texas T Bone, Grannys All Natural Strip Steak, and the famous RLC Ground Steak and Ground Chuck Hamburger, which make any cookout special. Granny Ross has been concerned these days that there are too many chemicals, steroids, irradiation and chemical baths used in processing beef and other foods. She says It Just Aint Right, and I dont blame her. So at the RLC we have set out to keep it natural, just like we've been doing since 1860. Our RLC "Artisan Prime Beef" has.

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Introduction In the field of English language teaching there exist four basic skill areas namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each area plays a significant role in the development of the learners. Writing is a major skill area and is considered a productive skill. Donald H. Graves 1994 provides some factors that state the importance of writing in the sense that it contributes to intelligence by requiring analysis and synthesis of information. It also develops initiative, by requiring that the student supply everything him/herself and develops courage, by requiring that the student give up anonymity. Writing also increases the student's personal knowledge and self esteem and encourages learning in all subject areas, by employing auditory, visual, and kinesthetic systems all at once. Most importantly, writing contributes significantly to improvement in reading skills, vocabulary application, and therefore speaking ability. Peer editing is a step in the writing process that helps students evaluate and improve the quality of their written work in so many ways. What is peer editing?Peer editing/editing is the processes through which students respond to and provide feedback on their peers' writing highlighting the positive and the negative aspects in a way to help each other reach better written products. The peer editor does not correct the paper's mistakes, but helps the writer fix their own mistakes by showing the area of the error and therefore making it clearer for the writer.

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In 1922, company advertising capitalized on the quality of new features, claiming its Continental engines both the Red Seal and the 12 XD were "a marvel of power, quietness and snappy pick up", producing an impressive 15 mpg. For closed models, at no extra cost, Perfection heaters were supplied. And for all models, the company stressed that the car was not only a pleasure car but also, due to high resale values, a true investment. 1923 was a boom year for the Roamer. There was another reorganization, this one merging Barley interests with those of the Kalamazoo Realty Co. , creating the Roamer Motor Car Co. , capitalized at $2. 5 million. Production peaked, with nearly 2000 cars produced including numbers for the Barley. As one ad crowed, "The Roamer Pleases Everyone the eye of the artist, motor judgment of the engineer, sense of comfort of the owner. " Besides adding a sports sedan and touring sedan to the 1923 Roamer line, at mid year the company entered the taxicab business, as well. The Roamer Company was interested in new opportunities first, the lower priced Barley, then the Pennant taxicab but sales were not easy to come by. In January, 1924, A. C. Barley sold his interest in the Roamer Company and the Kalamazoo factory, even while remaining on the firm's Board of Directors. The firm's new president would be George Peter Wiggington, working with a new Board of Directors and promising to resume production in February Note: there must have been a factory closure at the start of the year. Wiggington was born in Steubenville, Ohio, but at age four, moved with his family to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he completed high school. His first job was with a printing company washing rollers for $4 a week, and from there he moved to bookkeeping at a laundry. The job he stayed at for thirteen years, however, was with a bookbinding company where he moved up to plant superintendent, later becoming Secretary and General Manager. When his wife experienced poor health, though, he and his family moved away from the big city, coming to Kalamazoo where he was associated with the Kalamazoo Loose Leaf Binder Co. He began as general manager in 1907 and, over time, became president of the firm that did nearly $2 million in business annually and employed more than two hundred employees. In 1922, he was also listed as vice president of the American Sign Co. of Kalamazoo, a concern manufacturing electric signs. He was a slight, wiry, energetic man and, like so many businessmen of his day, he also was an inventor. He held patents on a loose leaf binder, a card filing device, and a solenoid voltmeter that electricians could use to test electrical power circuits. About mid year, a group of Canadian businessmen bought the company, renaming it the Roamer Motor Car Co.

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