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I loved working with young people, teaching them how to hit and how to throw, he said. It gave me my inkling for my role in education. Today, Josh McMillen lives in a full house in Dobson, with his wife Cindy, his six year old son, Nolan, his four year old daughter, Mia, and his two year old son Tripp. Josh is an eighth grade math teacher at Central Middle School, and Cindy works for Surry Community College where she was recently named Teacher of the Year. She is a math instructor. After all the traveling McMillen has done, one might wonder if Josh McMillen and his family will stick around Surry County for a while.

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This fear may lead to anger, bitterness and even depression. Since youre art is an expression of you, this fearful held back state of beingness will be reflected in your art. There is a vast difference between deliberately illustrating and expressing pain, desperation, and other negative emotions and holding yourself back in your artistic expression as a result of pain, desperation and other negative emotions. False Evidence Appearing Real Are you blaming other people or circumstances for being stuck your lack of success?False Emotions Appearing Real Are you beating up on yourself for not being good enough?Heres a clue: If youre feeling down then theres a good chance youre beating up on yourself. You can deny your dreams but the outcome will be quiet desperation. The desperation becomes the safe comfort zone. Youre Inner Critic will fight hard to keep you where it feels safe. You may not like the desperate comfort zone that you find yourself in but its what you know. Safe. No surprises. If you find that your in a state of FEAR there is a little trick you can apply to help you crawl out of that dark hole. You can ask yourself the following two questions:1. What am I getting out of staying in this state?You dont do anything unless you get something out of it. What is staying right where you are in your artistic process allowing you to do?2. Who would I be; what would I do; what would I have without this fear?Use your imagination to visualize that life. Run with it!Breathe it in. The only thing standing between you and want you want to create for your art and your life experience is you. Its time to get out of your own way. Or, head down to Wal Mart and get yourself a nice bankie and sippy cup. Get several. Youll be snuggled in, warm and comfy, for a long time.

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