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She has lost her second job in 18 months through no fault of her own. Other former students still hanging on at Enron face an uncertain future as the company fights for survival. The old saying goes, Lessons learned hard are learned best. Some former Enron employees are embittered by the way they have been treated by the company that was once the best in the business. Others disagree. In the words of one of my former students who is still hanging on: Just for the record, my time and experience at Enron have been nothing short of fantastic.

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3. Members or fellow of London who wish to apply to be an Examiner please contact the London Examiner Services team at . uk. The full process time may vary depending on the panel or board reviewing the applications. The time between submission of application and approval to train usually takes between one and two months. If you are approved, you will be invited to a training session which will be in the form of observation and shadowing at a PACES centre. Examiners relocating overseas can continue to examine as a UK examiner for two years. After two years examiners should join the relevant local examiner panel in their country of practice. Contact us to be introduced to your local centre. There are limited opportunities for non UK fellows to become a PACES examiner at an international centre. The local team are responsible for balancing the local panel of examiners, ensuring suitable numbers and a range of clinical specialties.

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