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First, the occipital lobe is composed of a number of distinct visual areas. Second, several of these stages contain a retinotopic representation of the visual eld. However, ascending through the processing stages the retinotopic mapping becomes coarser, whereas the functional properties of these areas become more complex. Third, all visual tasks activate an extended network of visual areas, including V1/V2. This is consistent with the idea that processing of visual information requires both local processing in lower visual areas and more complex operations extracting global attributes in high level stages. Fourth, there is a general tendency of motion and depth processing to activate the dorsal processing stream extending into parietal and midtemporal cortex, whereas color and form processing tend to activate the ventral processing stream, extending to ventral occipitotemporal areas. Kalanit Grill Spector,Department of Psychology,Stanford University,Jordan Hall, Bldg. 420 room 414,Stanford,CA 94305 2130,Phone: 650 725 2457,Fax: 650 725 5699,Email: . eduThe status quo rear signaling system currently uses bright and dim red tail lamps to communicate changes in spee. Much of the brains visual processing takes place in the occipitallobe. I quote: The team found that the timing intervals between briefand long bright light flashes could create an optical illusion.

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1989. Nowhere do you mention the utility % if a driver can jump on the system and make $20 25/hr during peak hours because he or she always has a passenger in the car is that preferable than driving 60 65 hrs a week to make $15 17 where half the time no one is in your car?Also what is the appealing earning rate for drivers to drive?Who are they competing for drivers?Look at the quick service restaurant industry where employee churn rates are at 150% and they make minimum wage. I doubt most Uber drivers want to make a career out of it which does seem to be the case for taxi drivers so if drivers make more than $10/hr in net earnings what will they prefer?So if efficiency goes up through better tech to match supply and demand which brings down costs for customer who obviously want the service hence the new market thing increasing overall demand, while maintaining earnings for a driver that is on par or even more than working at McDonalds with the added bonus you can work on your own hours vs. shifts is there a future where this is not subsidized?I would question your claim that you are only interested in improving urban mobility and reducing dependence on personal car ownership. Either of those goals involves questions of price economics. You either have to find a way for private sector entities to provide service at sustainably lower cost than anyone can today, or find a way for taxpayers to increase subsidies to public transit. You appear fixated on a fantasy world where questions of cost and price can be ignored. I wrote a six part series carefully laying out the economic evidence showing that Uber prices and service levels were not sustainable because Uber had much higher costs that Yellow Cab. You ignore all that evidence because in your fantasy world things like costs and profitability do not matter, but the enthusiasm of Venice Beach kids who like to party on Saturday night is all the evidence you need. Further evidence of your willful disregard of factual evidence 1 Uber model is working in cities that dont typically offer taxi services None of these cities exist. There are plenty of smaller cities that have some taxi service but no Uber service; there are absolutely no cities that have Uber but no taxis 2 The Certify data you cited directly refutes your expanded urban car service claimit says all the increased Uber ridership exactly offset declines in taxi ridership. I directly addressed the false claim about Uber in part three of the series. Uber will have zero impact on car ownership unless it can produce taxi service at costs dramatically and sustainably lower than the costs of both transit services and car ownership, and be able to provide the same near instantaneous service availability of car ownership. It is impossible for Uber to better match supply and demand. Uber is not scheduling drivers and ordering them to particular locations. Drivers show up when they see fit and often are using multiple ride sharing services. Hubert discussed this at length. It cannot solve the empty backhaul from airports problem, and other backhauls people at rush hour leaving urban centers and going to suburbs/exurbs. It cannot use pricing to shift demand as airlines and rail companies do. And like a traditional yellow cab company, it has to have drivers running around in empty cars so as to offer the fast response times that Uber users like. It has no magic crystal ball for knowing when riders will want a ride or where they will be when they want it.

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