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But extensive student writing is a frighteningly low priority in U. S. schools. For all the hype surrounding the Common Core standards in English language arts, the length, frequency, and quality of writing instruction have barely budged Sundeeen 2015; Lee and Wu 2017. For instance, in one extensive five state study, students received instruction in writing for only six percent of class timeand worse yet, most of that instruction wasn't in composing, but consisted of filling in the blanks, short answers, and the like Sundeen, 2015. Schools' inattention to writing puts me in mind of a scene in the Tom Wolfe novel Bonfire of the Vanitiescited by Linda Darling Hammond in her 2010 book The Flat World and Educationin which a parent calls the principal at his son's high school to ask why his son does so little written work.

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There's no motivation or compensation for it. My words to anybody who reads this and is thinking of becoming a tech, don't do it. Don't waste your time. If your honest all you're gunna get is terrible pay, swollen hands, arthritis, bad knees, and a hurting back. Most customers automatically think you're a crook. In California if you do smogs like I do the bar has turned into head hunters. We had a good tech smog test a diesel truck and was fined $1k bucks because he accidentally used the wrong machine. Easy mistake to make when it's busy and every customer is in a hurry. The bar rep told him even though he performed the smog correctly he has to pay the state for using the wrong machine. He said it was a new rule that was put into place three days prior and the tech didn't read the email before performing the test. I hate this trade. No matter what you're the bad guy. In a previous job, I was a dyed in the wool radio repairtech/automotiveelectronics installer. Real good one too 2 time certified masterinstaller. Anyway, when I worked in this profession, I was paid by the hour, notbasedon flat rate or jobs completed. That gave me the most incentivetodo the job right, the FIRST time, and truly build my troubleshootingskills. It got to the point that I was the best at my shop. One day, my boss and I had a falling out. I will not go intodetails,but I walked. I was already deep into computers, and was takingseveralclasses to get me into that world. So. to make a longstoryshort, I needed a job to pay the bills, and my friend a mechanic hadbeen telling his supervisor about my electrical diagnosis skills. somethingthat was truly lacking at the dealership. I started, and I was good at what I did. I specialized inelectricaltroubleshooting and repair. Of course, I did a lot of otherrepairwork, but I was always good with cars, and never ran into any trouble,whether it be as complex as a tranny rebuild or a simple water pumpreplacementThanks, Dad!.

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