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Bicycles exploit the raw power in your muscles kinetic energy to move the bicycle forward. As possibly one of the most efficient machines in use today, bicycles offer a simple example of physics in motion. An ingenious design, the bicycle frame consists of hollow steel, metal alloys or carbon fiber composite tubes fashioned into two triangular shapes that distribute the weight of the rider between the front and back wheels. The seat of the bicycle is situated towards the back wheel, allowing you to lean forward to grasp the handlebars. The handlebars attach to a shaft that sits over a part of the frame secured to the axle on the front wheel that allows you to turn it in the direction you want to go. The bicycle wheel, the simplest of machines, revolves around an axle secured to the frame that allows it to turn, propelling the rider forward when pedaling. The size of the bicycle wheel or the gear chosen reduces or increases the pedaling needed to move the bike. Bicycle wheels typically have a larger circumference than those found on cars at least 20 inches across. The taller the wheels, the greater the speed when the wheels turn on their axle via pedal power. The wheels, buttressed by interior spokes, support the weight of the rider. Mounted on the wheels are the rubber tires and inner tubes filled with pressurized air.

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" After the Civil War, former slaves moved to Durham from the neighboring farmlands and found employment in tobacco processing plants. By 1900, a large Black middle class had developed which began businesses that soon grew into phenomenally successful corporations, especially North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company. Charles Clinton Spaulding was so successful with the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company that he was able to create a real estate company, a textile and hosiery mill, and the "Durham Negro Observer" newspaper. Durham Blacks also created a hospital, Mechanics and Farmers Bank 1908, North Carolina Training College 1910, Banker's Fire Insurance Company 1920, and the National Negro Finance Company 1922. However, living conditions in Durham were so substandard and working conditions so poor that the 1920 mortality rate among Blacks in Durham was three times higher than the White rate. As of 1926, 64% of all African Americans in Durham died before the age of 40. These perilous working and living conditions were not present in Tulsa. On May 31, 1921, the successful Black Greenwood district was completely destroyed by one of the worse race riots in U. S. history. A 19 year old Black male accidentally stumbled on a jerky elevator and bumped the 17 year old White elevator operator who screamed.

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