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These must be disclosed when directly relevant or directly related to the work that the authors describe in their manuscript. Potential sources of conflict of interest include, but are not limited to: patent or stock ownership, membership of a company board of directors, membership of an advisory board or committee for a company, and consultancy for or receipt of speaker's fees from a company. The existence of a conflict of interest does not preclude publication. If the authors have no conflict of interest to declare, they must also state this at submission. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to review this policy with all authors and collectively to disclose with the submission ALL pertinent commercial and other relationships. ReferencesWe recommend the use of a tool such as Reference Manager for reference management and formatting.

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I've had rhinoplasty 2 months ago, had a hit after being very carefull all the time!from the least expected source came to my friend a goodbye on the cheek and she though my nose was my mouth and she turned the entire thing went upwards though no pain was exprienced. Since the nose itself is very stiff this had a very strange feeling lasting for 2 min atleast the cheek was kinda soft. When I woke up in the morning I found a little scab from a little hump and maybe it was my imagination, but I think that a the little hump became albiet larger. Started to do excatly what you described in your posts was very angry at myself for not being more carefull and looking all the time at the mirror just to see if the small hump is my imagination. Went to see the doctor couple of days later he didnt really check me and said he cant see not diffrence but I am looking for a real answer in two months. Cant stop being obsessed about it!hi maximv88 i'm SOOOOO sorry to hear that your new nose got hit!I can totally relate to the anger, frustration, tears, about getting injured so soon after surgery.

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And, like Cochran, he eventually ran for office. I didn't find out about this side of Heaukulani from him; he was too modest to bring it up. Another volunteer ratted him out. Heaukulani ran this year as a nonpartisan candidate for Hawaii House District 20. He had no money to fund his campaign, so he walked door to door in his district, asking his would be constituents about the issues that mattered most. Portraits of the Maui County Council members hang on the wall in the county office building in Wailuku, on the northwest part of the island. The nine photographs are presented in a grid, like "Hollywood Squares. " Elle Cochran is in the center square, wearing a pink blazer. She's the only one in the bunch not wearing black or blue. That, of course, included herself. She cast her first ballot in the 2010 primary election and her second in the general, both by mail. She's never been to a polling place. Cochran and her husband had put their lives on the line for the election by tossing in $40,000 to fund her campaign. Now they want to see it pay off. But being in office doesn't mean Cochran can accomplish anything she wants. The council she sits on recently voted against putting preservation status on a tract of land along Honolua Bay, the body of water that inspired her to run for office. "Many times, I am on the losing end of the votes," she said. "Yeah, it's frustrating, yeah, it's heartbreaking, but, you know, you move on. " The positive outcome, even when she loses a vote, she said, is that the community becomes aware of the issues. Maui Land and Pineapple Co. , which owns that piece of land, declined to comment for this story. Angus McKelvey, the state representative from the area, said giving the bay conservation status would have the unintended consequence of lowering its market value, and therefore devaluing pensions for people from Maui Land and Pineapple. The smarter move would be for the state or federal government to purchase the land with cash, so that the pensions would be protected, he said. Despite his disagreements with Cochran on these issues, he praised her ability to interest new people in politics. Turnout will likely be higher because of it, he said. "Hopefully the surf won't be breaking" on Election Day, McKelvey said, otherwise people might not show up at the polls in West Maui.

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