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Because I believe that a successful undergraduate education in visual art is one that prepares students to first be responsible participants in the world in life and then be responsible participants in the art world. A moment of special significance in my own art education was when I performed the Fluxus piece "Newspaper Music" with Alison Knowles during her residency at the Radcliffe Institute. Reflecting on the Fluxus ideology of going out of art and into life has liberated my own practice in many ways. After all, both making art and making life are lifelong pursuits. 5. Keep an open attitude by trying different roles in the art world. Organize a talk, curate a show, write a review, visit an art fair, guide a museum tour: these are all experiences that are inseparable from being a contemporary artist. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing harmful about working as a gallery intern for a summer as long as one can figure out the finance creatively. Schools tend to steer students away from all conversations about the commercial aspects of art, but very soon many graduates find themselves in New York juggling several jobs and not knowing how to begin selling their work. I would encourage college students to acquaint themselves with different roles in the art world, be it commercial or non profit, auction houses or artist run spaces. It will also help expand your notions of a career in art.

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That and which often creep into our writing. Theyre fairly harmless words but they take up precious word count. You wont always be able to remove them, but use the search tool to see if you can edit them out. Removing these extra words rarely impacts meaning, flow or structural clarity. Look out for words you use too often and replace them with the help of a Thesaurus. But, be careful not to change the original meaning. Choose a word and check it using dictionary. com to make sure you havent changed the meaning of the sentence. First, second and third person refers to personal pronouns. The first person uses I I believe or I analysed the companys finances. Third person uses he, she or it Richardson supports rational decision making: he believes decisions should be made logically and without bias.

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