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Where To Get Your Real Estate License In Ga

Where Can I Get My Real Estate License In El Paso Texas

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The Congressional Club inducted its First Congresswomen, and the Little Theatre will produce The World We Live In by Josef and Karel Capel and the schedule for parents weekend is published. Photos of the Homecoming Decoration Contest are also included. Page two features letters to editor on the Paradox of the Christian College and The Brotherhood Program which donates money for male students who donate their meal money instead of eating dinner. Articles about Nikita Khruschev, the military climate in France, and details a talk from a member of the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Robert E. Wilson. These alumni lead a public symposium about atomic energy. There is a small blurb on how Dr. Compton won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1927. Wooster Day is a day that commemorates the fire in 1901 that burned down Old Main. A new non credit class in speed reading was to be taught the next semester by Dr. Winford Sharp. The "Voice of Yesteryear" section states facts as to what was occurring at the college 60, 45, 15, 10, and 5 years ago. Fifteen years before on Wooster Day, President Lowry announced the beginning of the Independent Study program which would be required to all the current freshman and incoming students. This issue of the Wooster Voice begins with a number of announcements updates to the student body. The biggest article/update in this edition was the fire that destroyed part of Hoover Cottage, one of the residential buildings on campus. Over the summer of 1960, on August 15th, a fire was sparked in one of the closets in the dormitory due to faulty wiring. This fire displaced around 77 women for the 1960 61 academic year and accelerated renovations that had been planned for the upcoming years. There is also an announcement of a new Dean of Women. Professor Baird's wife, Mrs. J. Reynolds,et al. , "More Than Teacher Directed or Child Initiated:Preschool Curriculum Type, Parent Involvement and Children'sOutcomes in the Child Parent Centers," Education Policy AnalysisArchives, Vol. 12, No. 72 2004, pp. 1 38; W. T. Miedel and A. J. Reynolds, "Parental Involvement in Early Intervention forDisadvantaged Children: Does it Matter?" Journal of SchoolPsychology, Vol. 37, No.

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