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html,history of measurement and metrics. calcoolate. com, you can do calculations, saveyour calculating history and even replace your windows calculatorwith the app. calcoolate. com, you can do calculations, saveyour calculating history and even replace your windows calculatorwith the app. Go toconvertit. com/Go/ConvertIt/Reference/AMS55. ASP to get theHandbook of Mathematical Functions With Formulas, Graphs andMathematical Tables mathforum. org/library/drmath/sets/high statistics. html,ask dr. math; provides searchable answers to common statisticsquestions.

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Do you think this is s positive or negative development?cambridge 10body 2: another reason is that people who have lost their jobs may turn to crimethe second paragraph is not a different reason, its the result of the first reasonor in this essay from cambridge 9:Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programs. to what extent do you agree or disagree?body 1: the first reason is that the school timetable is full with more important subjects and students do not have time for these activities. body 2: the second reason is that this can influence their academic performance because they will not have the time to study their lessons. again I think the 2 reason are the sameso will a candidate lose marks for this and please tell me if this is in the band descriptors or not?I really appreciate your help. Hi Hussain, with your first question, you would lose marks in Task response because you are ignoring an important part of the question if I look only at your answer and try to work out the question then my guess would be that the question says People are now able to buy the same products anywhere in the world. Do you think this is a positive or a negative development? The question does not say this. Your ideas answer only half of the question they work to explain why you think this is negative, but you need to address the idea that different places are becoming more similar because of this. For the second question, I agree the 2 paragraphs are the same idea put into different words, so again you would lose marks. It is in the band descriptors for Task response compare band 6 and band 7 and read chapter 7 of The Key to IELTS Success or this post to learn more:Abstract: The study investigated whether examiners find the marking of coherence and cohesion CC in the IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 more difficult than the marking of the other criteria; what features of CC examiners are looking for in marking Academic Writing Task 2; the extent to which they differ in their marking of CC compared to their marking of the other criteria; whether qualifications and experience had an impact on assessment reliability; and how much current examiner training materials clarify understandings of CC. The study involved think aloud protocols and follow up interviews with 12 examiners marking a set of 10 scripts, and a quantitative study with 55 examiners marking 12 scripts and completing a followup questionnaire. The quantitative data revealed that examiner reliability was within the acceptable range for all four criteria.

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Today, whether a person votes is public record. While we were in West Maui, Edythe and I actually used those public records to do a scavenger hunt of sorts, tracking down non voters. But my guess is that most people don't even know that info exists. Academics do. Two Yale researchers and one from the University of Northern Iowa conducted an experiment in 2006 to prove the power of these records. They sent mailers out to homes before the Michigan primary that included bits of scary information: whether they had voted in the past and whether their neighbors had, too. The mailers suggested that another letter would come after the election, telling all of the person's neighbors whether he or she made it to the polls for the primary. Public shaming worked. Those people were 8% more likely to vote, which may not sound like much but is a huge and significant number in the world of voter turnout rates. This year, The Atlantic used this information to argue for the United States to "abolish the secret ballot. " It's a compelling argument and a sexy one. But, after going to Hawaii, I don't think it would work. The public backlash would be too strong. And who wants to vote simply because they're afraid of looking bad in front of their neighbors?Instead, serious efforts to boost voter participation must be hard fought over the long term. As many people in the state told me, there's no silver bullet. Improving the education system. Hawaii should require students to learn about civics and voting. A report from the National Center for Education Statistics found that 32% of U. S. high school seniors did not learn about voting, political parties or elections. Those lessons are being taught in some Hawaii classrooms, like that of Jason Duncan at Mililani High School. I watched him engage students in a lively conversation about the importance of voting; 16 year old Demaleena Long left the class determined to vote when she's able. Before that, she "didn't think it mattered. " She is one of the lucky ones, however. Many students don't get that message and they risk turning into non voting, checked out adults. Eliminating the Electoral College. People in Hawaii are right when they say their votes don't matter in presidential elections. A true popular vote would help fix that, and it would reduce the degree to which Hawaii's time zone matters. Moving toward online elections. It sounds crazy, but it has worked elsewhere. Markham, Ontario, has used online voting since 2003.

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