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Collection of Christina Risatti. Do the inexpensive objects of convenience that characterize consumer culture undermine the values and sentiments long inherent in social etiquette?1. Sayaka Suzuki b. 1977; 2008; handmade using pte de verre glass casting technique to enshrine traditional crocheted and embroidered place mats as a comment on passing social etiquettes as well as an attempt to speak for animal rights. left to rightThe Hunted 20" x 14" x 1"; Trophy 11" 11" x 1"; Dream of the Open Fields 12" x 18" x 1"; The Short Chain 14" x 14"x 1". Lent courtesy of the artist. 3. Adelina Simeone 18981986, Lozenge Doily, c. 1975 9" x 13. 75"; hand crocheted of cotton thread with plastic rings. Collection of Christina Risatti.

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After classes, I would walk from One Pace Plaza to Seaport and do my homework looking at the water. This scene that is featured in so many TV shows and films was a relaxing spot where I could de stress from classes, study, or hang out with friends. It was surreal to be able to go there daily. Read the full Her Campus article. Attending Pace University NYC has provided me with a spectacular campus near so many landmarks. I personally loved the proximity to Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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