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Whether you want to predict your future or prescribe an outcome of your choosing, you'll have plenty of company!Throughout history, we humans have tried many ways to predict the future, from reading palms to stargazing. Today, we refer to these as descriptive methods when we attempt to describe objectively what the future will be or could be. On the other hand, prescriptive methods focus on determining what the future should be. These techniques can help us clarify our preferences and values so we can create a vision of what we would like to see in our lives, businesses, or communities. Once we understand what we would like the future to represent, we're better able to take the actions required to implement it. Ideally, that future will align with our passions, gifts, and what we or our companies can really be the best at doing. This article suggests a two stage process for achieving that goal. First, Identify Your "Hedgehog Concept" So, what can you be the best in the world or at least in your community at doing?This thought provoking reflection is one of many from Jim Collins' "Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap. and Others Don't. " Collins' team examined 1,435 companies to see which ones made substantial gains in profitability and sustained those improvements over 15 years or more. Since the 1970s, only 11 companies had risen from mediocrity to greatness and stayed there topping many other prosperous firms that lacked the same staying power.

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Rowe Price fund is your best bet. Telecom exposure can also be found in three sector funds from giant Fidelity Investments: Select Telecommunications Fund FSTCX ; Select Developing Communications Fund FSDCX and Select Wireless Fund FWRLX . Franklin Resources, too, offers a wide ranging Global Communications fund FRGUX . These large fund companies rely on a deep pool of research analysts to assist fund managers with stock picks. Aggressive investors comfortable with concentrated sector risk might consider two offerings that use leverage in an attempt to enhance returns: ProFunds Ultra Telecommunications Fund TCPIX and ProFunds UltraSector Mobile Telecommunications WCPIX . In addition, a brace of index tracking exchange traded funds cover the communications sector. These include: iShares Dow Jones US Telecom IYZ MarketWatch, the publisher of this report, is a unit of Dow Jones and Co. ; iShares SandP Global Telecommunications IXP ; PowerShares Dynamic Telecom and Wireless PTE , and Vanguard Telecom Services VIPERs VOX . One of the utmost goals of every marketing expert is to improve their conversion price. This is the reason a touchdown web page is really vital. A landing page is the main entrance of your sites page.

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2004 . 112The TCRWP continues to work to support the development of such a knowledge base for the community. In addition to on site development in schools, conference days are offered at Teachers College for teachers to attend to hear about working with and supporting English Language Learners. This fall the TCRWP will also hold its first National Think Tank on Supporting English Language Learning in Reading and Writing Units of Study. A cadre of teachers and teacher leaders with special expertise in working with students who are learning English will join senior leaders and other members of the TCRWP community to share ideas and resources designed to best help students who are learning English within our reading and writing workshops. The information and insights learned will then be shared with the Project community at large. Calkins, L. 2013. Supporting English Learners pp. 78 85. In L. S. Meltzer Ed. , Strategy assessment and instruction for students with learning disabilities pp. 325 354. Austin, TX: PRO ED.

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