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Hannah Hoch is often credited as the unique collage artist, and based mostly on that historical reality alone, I believe her work is much more engaging than that of any of those artists you mentioned, since by that point collage had already been established as a regular for submit modern art making. OCA is now part of the College for the Inventive Arts. Nowhere is that more a part of your schooling than at the College of Florida, College of the Arts. A creative motion begun in 1907, when artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque together developed a visual language whose geometric planes and compressed area challenged the conventions of illustration in portray. When interview committees and principals interview art lecturers, theyre looking for somebody who can connect with your complete tradition of the varsity. There was a substantial mental part to the Maoism of the Kristeva Sollers set, however there was additionally a superficial one: Sollers began affecting the Maoist mode of costume, and Kristeva, one of the important feminist thinkers of her time, dutifully authored articles in defense of Chinese language foot binding, which she described as a type of female emancipation.

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Dont use clichs such as on a roll or sooner or later. Go through your essay carefully to check for phrases that sound like you are talking to a friend. When the studys participants easily understood the text and the message being communicated, they considered the message more intelligent. Using simple, clear vocabulary makes your arguments more understandable which can make it easier for your tutor to award marks. For most essays that require you to answer a question or form a response to a statement rather than a self reflection essay, you need to back up your points with evidence. The common formula to use is make a point then back this up with evidence and a reference. You should not make a claim without linking it to a reference. For example, consider you had to answer the question does complexity theory help or hinder an organisations strategic activities?. You may want to make the point that complexity theory is helpful because it teaches managers they cant control their environment. If you just made that point you would be wrong on two counts. First youve plagiarised by not including a reference for the author who made that point. Secondly, youve missed the chance of strengthening this argument with an example. Often, many unnecessary words can be cut from your essay. Its important to cut these words for two reasons: it improves the readability of your work, and it creates spare word count for adding extra points. In the 1960s, Honda decided to enter the US motorcycle market by emulating current companies Harley Davidson and Triumph and creating similar big bikes to those already on the market Richardson, 2011. In the 1960s, Honda decided to enter the US motorcycle market with similar big bikes to those of established incumbents Harley Davidson and Triumph Richardson, 2011. That and which often creep into our writing. Theyre fairly harmless words but they take up precious word count. You wont always be able to remove them, but use the search tool to see if you can edit them out. Removing these extra words rarely impacts meaning, flow or structural clarity. Look out for words you use too often and replace them with the help of a Thesaurus.

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