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In order to fairly address this subject, it is necessary to examine this idea from several viewpoints. First the essay will look at how probation is viewed by the general population and the larger picture in general. After summarizing the current status, this essay will argue I: What do you feel is lacking in this process of parole and probation and how would one improve this?P. O: There have been many programs devised to make this process effective and recently eintegrating Alternatives Personal Program APP was devised to reduce the recidivism rate even further. When a parolee is released back into the community, he faces a lot of problems including his transition from the prison back to his family and home. Many families do not accept the person back and this increases his chance to get back to the crime world.

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The term of office for each of the sixteen 16 Members at Large shall be four 4 years, measured from the end of the meeting at which he or she is elected. The terms of the Members at Large shall be staggered so that four 4 Members at Large are elected annually by the Executive Council. Members at Large shall have such duties within the Executive Council as are assigned by these Articles of Organization. The standing committees of the Executive Council shall be the Nominating Committee, the Awards Committee, and the Development Committee. Other standing committees may be established from time to time by a majority vote of the Executive Council consistent with these Articles of Organization. The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for securing and reviewing names of potential nominees for the offices of Alumni Trustee, President Elect, and Executive Council Member at Large.

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