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If grounded in generous amounts of reading and discussion, this practice could have more impact on college and career success than any other factor Conley, 2005. To achieve this transformation, we must first acquaint every educator with the ironclad case for all students regularly writing. Then we need to simplify and demystify the purpose of academic writingand writing instructionwhile helping practitioners see that generous amounts of writing doesn't mean onerous amounts of "paper grading. " If we do these things, the academic benefits will be swift and prodigious. Unfortunately, few teachers ever learn about writing's "incredible" power to "enable thought to operate much more deeply" on everything we read and learn Walshe, 1987. Although teachers realize writing's general importance, most aren't adequately aware of the fact that higher order, analytic thought likely isn't possible without engaging in some form of writing, or that we can literally "write our way" into a deeper understanding of complex texts or concepts that previously mystified us Zinsser, 1988. Decades of research attest to writing's unrivaled ability to facilitate understanding and help people evaluate, reconstitute, and synthesize knowledge. Writing enables students to generate their best thinking in its most effective form National Commission on Writing, 2003; Sundeen, 2015. That's why writing and speaking constitute the most sought after skill set in business and industry and why many corporate recruiters rank these abilities twice as high as managerial skills Hurley, 2015. Writing plays a more significant role in the school systems in countries that score high on PISA than it does in the schools in the United States Darling Hammond, 2010; Ripley, 2013. But extensive student writing is a frighteningly low priority in U.

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Hidden curriculum is acknowledged as the socialization process of schooling. Accordingly, Drebeen 1968 argues that each student has different parental background and when each attends to school, he/she encounters the norms of schools that will prepare them to involve in the life of public spheres. He defines these norms as independence, achievement, universalism, and specificity and suggested that these norms are required to teach them in order to collaborate with modern industrial society. Apple 1982 emphasized that hidden curriculum involves various interests, cultural forms, struggles, agreements, and compromises. Michael Lynch 1989 argues that schools have universalistic and particularistic hidden aspects that enable an unequal environment for students. Giroux 2001 identifies hidden curriculum as what is being taught and how one learns in the school as he also indicates that schools not only provides instruction but also more such as norms and principles experienced by students throughout their education life. Margolis 2001 argues that hidden curriculum, the school and classroom life, is the reproduction of schooling that enables to understand schools hegemonic functions that also maintains power of state. 83 84. Kentli, 2009, p. 84. From the theories stated above, hidden curriculum as the intentional communication of values of power holding entities to undoubtedly passive subjects students/children needs to be unmasked or revealed.

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