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About the author:Matt Norman is the founder of Easy Distance Learning a website providing information on learning online Scholarship Search Engineby: Vanessa McHooleyGetting scholarships for college is not the hard part but actually going out and finding scholarships that fit your requirements is!For years, high school guidance counselors used to suggest possible scholarships to students or give them large booklets filled with hundreds and thousands of college scholarships. Going through these books and actually finding a scholarship became a task all in and of itself. With the popularity of the internet though, finding a scholarship for college through a search engine has never been easier and has even been made simpler through the usage of specific search engines tailored just for college scholarships!Starting Your Scholarship SearchThe first thing to do before using a search engine to find college scholarships is to make a list of all of the skills or qualities about yourself that might appeal to someone handing out a college scholarship. Are you athletic in some sport that some colleges offer?Do you write poetry that would make Walt Whitman smile?Can you name all of the states in America in alphabetical order in under 2 minutes?Chances are, if you have some talent or skill, someone will be offering a scholarship that could put you into college. Finding Your Scholarship MatchesNext, go into any search engine and start searching for web sites that offer scholarships. You may be able to find entire sites devoted to finding and searching for scholarships that are tailored around your needs.

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In terms of being sincere, the author notes how he hated the mechanical learning process in school. Perhaps an interesting aspect of autobiographies is the use of chronological organization. This is arranging events in the order in which they happened. For example, you could describe your life from your birth up to today. When figuring out how to write an autobiography of myself, it is necessary to revisit specific events in your life, which would attract readers. Take a look at this first paragraph of Dan Mahoneys autobiography:I was born in 1974 in Manhattan, just five minutes after the birth of Steven King in Maine. I spent my childhood in Manhattan and Queens, before realizing that I was the first born in a family of five. At the age of sixteen, I had already graduated from high school. This meant that I could not get a driving license in New York. At 17, I joined the Marine Corps, after working as an auto mechanic for a year. Within a short span, I was in Vietnam operating guns with the 9th Marines.

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