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"Notwithstanding such pronouncements, higher education recently has provided the public with a series of ethical solecisms, most spectacularly the University of Colorado professor Ward Churchills recidivistic plagiarism and duplicitous claim of Native American ancestry along with his denunciations of 9/11 victims. While plagiarism and fraud presumably remain exceptional, accusations and complaints of such wrong doing increasingly come to light. Some examples include Demas v. Levitsky at Cornell, where a doctoral student filed a legal complaint against her advisers failure to acknowledge her contribution to a grant proposal; Professor C. William Kauffmans complaint against the University of Michigan for submitting a grant proposal without acknowledging his authorship; and charges of plagiarism against by Louis W. Roberts, the now retired classics chair at the State University of New York at Albany. Additional plagiarism complaints have been made against Eugene M. Tobin, former president of Hamilton College, and Richard L. Judd, former president of Central Connecticut State University. In his book Academic Ethics, Neil Hamilton observes that most doctoral programs fail to educate students about academic ethics so that knowledge of it is eroding. Lack of emphasis on ethics in graduate programs leads to skepticism about the necessity of learning about ethics and about how to teach it.

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Shortly, it refers to the culture of the school. In the above definitions that we can see how important it is to give equal emphasis on hidden curriculum among the different types of curricula. Learners must be prepared for the 21st century workplace with values that are upright and acceptable to the society. These values are needed if we are to build stronger and most importantly, humane institutions that will craft the society. Skelton 1997 stated that the functionalist educators view schools as vehicles through which students learn the social norms, values, and skills they require to function and contribute to the existing society. Therefore, there must be a balance between hidden curriculum and the other types of curricula. What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul Mt. 16:26, NIV?Resources:Horn, R. A. 2003. Developing a critical awareness of the hidden curriculum through media literacy. The Clearing House, 76 6, 298 300. Sari, M. , and Doanay, A. 2009. Hidden Curriculum on Gaining the Value of Respect for Human Dignity: A Qualitative Study in Two Elementary Schools in Adana. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, 925 940The idea was good and real for today's generation. I would agree with what sir joseph said, that parents are bound to participate with teachers to check the progress of their children. Because it "takes two to tango" when it comes in checking the progress of a child. And that is applicable in whatever progress it might be. Like in his studies, the way he interacts with others and how he as individual progress in everything that he encounters and experience at school.

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