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Including batteries, extra memory cards and photo albums is also a very thoughtful gesture. A gift certificate to a photography studio would also be well received. It could be used just for the new arrivals photos or for the entire family. Including picture frames in standard sizes with this is also a nice touch. Donating a sum of money in the childs name is a very giving gesture especially if he already has all the clothing and equipment that he could possibly need. A sum could be given to the same charity in the little ones name to commemorate every birthday also. This would set an example to the child in later years, showing him how important it is to make generosity and sharing with those less fortunate a part of life. unusual baby shower gifts could include a gift certificate for a nanny or maid service. It would help make a new mothers life with her new baby less stressful and more focused. A clean house or a few hours of alone time can re energize both parents so they can spend time together to make plans for the new family member. You can visit the website for more helpful information about Unusual Baby Shower Gifts For The Child Who Has Everything.

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These documents can be sent to the College by email to: . uk, by post, or in person at our reception who will give you a receipt for the documents which you should retain as proof of delivery by hand. At the same time, you will need to make a payment to secure your place. As mentioned above, the College will hold your space on the Diploma course for 14 days from the date you receive your offer and the Terms and Conditions not including the day it was sent, to allow you to complete your registration which includes payment of monies due. This will consist of: a deposit of 1,250 if you are paying by instalments OR the full cost of the Diploma course, taking advantage of the discount available, making 3,127. 50 due for payment. Payment can be made by one of these methods: i by card, cheque or cash at College reception you will be given a receipt, ii by card over the telephone please call College reception on 0207 589 3292 or by cheque to the College, using the postal services recorded delivery only. Our address is: The College of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EB. If we do not receive your payment, completed application form and standing order mandate for annual and quarterly payment options within 14 days of receipt of your offer from the College, your place cannot be guaranteed. At the same time as settling the deposit, you will be required to pay and have the following in place before the first day of your training: i full College membership at 50 per annum and ii healing insurance provided you are UK resident. Both of these can be purchased through College reception.

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