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And that's the real college hoax. Because the truth is that there's no epidemic outbreak of college rape. In fact, on college campuses is like everywhere else in America plummeting in frequency. And that 1 in 5 college number you keep hearing in the press?It's thoroughly bogus, too. Even the authors of that study say that "We don't think one in five is a nationally representative statistic," because it sampled only two schools. The truth and, since she's a politician, maybe that shouldn't be such a surprise is exactly the opposite. According to the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics, the rate of and assault is lower for college students at 6. 1 per 1,000 than for non students 7. 6 per 1,000. Note: not 1 in 5. What's more, between 1997 and 2013, against women dropped by about 50%, in keeping with a more general drop in violent crime nationally.

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Quotes in Songs 11. Reflective Essays 12. Directed Writings 13. Experiential Research Paper 14. Service Learning Contracts and Logs 15. Directed Readings 16. Ethical Case Studies 17. Class Discussion 18. Truth is Stranger than Fiction 19. Student Portfolios 20. It's My Bag 21. It's Your Thing/Express Yourself 22. Small Group Week 23. Email Discussion Groups 24. Class Presentations A note about reflection journals: a common tendency is for journal entries to become a mere log of events rather than a reflective activity in which students consider the service experience in the context of learning objectives. Guidance is needed to help students link personal learning with course content. 1. Personal Journal Students will write freely about their experience. This is usually done weekly. These personal journals may be submitted periodically to the instructor, or kept as a reference to use at the end of the experience when putting together an academic essay reflecting their experience. Hatcher 19962.

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